Autocorrect nightmare: Typo in Bill C-45 legalizes cannibalism instead of cannabis

As the smoke settles from Canada’s historic day of legalizing cannabis across the country, the Internet reacted in only the way it knows how to: memes, jokes, and GIFs.

Canada was really close to the accidental legalization of cannibalism after the House of Commons passed a typo-ridden Bill C-45, formerly known as The Cannabis Act.

“I think no one wanted to be the one to point out the error,” MP Sara Anderson said. “We all thought someone else would do it, and then they called the vote” and there they were, all voting to legalize cannibalism…

“It’s just one of those things.”

But Anderson also said the error might, conceivably, have something to do with a lot of MPs jumping the gun on legal cannabis.

“You know how it is,” said Anderson with a shrug. “You have the munchies, suddenly everything is about food… who can say why anything happens, really?”

“I guess now we’re all hoping the Senate will fix this,” Anderson said. “But I wouldn’t count on it. Some of them seem far more enthusiastic about the bill now than they were when it was about pot.”

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