Benefits OF Taking A Cannabis Tolerance Break

Using cannabis changes the way the body works.

Adding cannabinoids in the form of THC and CBD (and others) into the body works with the endocannabinoid system to reach the CB1 and CB2 receptors within the brain. This creates the physiological changes we generally seek from medical cannabis; scientifically, these changes are referred to as “compensatory adaptations”. These physiological changes occur through the recreational use of cannabis as well.

Once the body becomes accustomed to receiving cannabinoids on a regular basis, the endocannabinoid system will begin to interpret the level of cannabinoids being introduced as “normal functioning”, creating a tolerance. When the body has a high level of cannabis tolerance, it is not as receptive as it once was, and those compensatory adaptations we once experienced may be less noticeable.

So it can be an odd thing to hear someone say take a break from the weed man. When was the last time you took a break from life? Even if it was playing sick from work. Or going on a vacation. Now. When did you last take a break from weed? And I don’t mean you ran out and had to wait for payday. I mean you consciously decided to not buy weed for a certain amount of time. You actually said to yourself. Time to just reset.

There are a lot of reasons to take a break from getting high, and you might currently be considering stepping away for a bit but feel weird because cannabis has been your best friend since Day 1. You’re not alone; it’s perfectly normal for cannabis consumers to give up their favorite product for a stretch. If you’re wondering whether you should bench your bud, take a look at some of these reasons why you may want to abstain.

The Rosin Revolution Is Real

Why we should take the space we need from cannabis?

Stoner Problems​

This could be anything from remembering where you put the very item that’s in your hand to impaired speech. In school its a lot easier to get away with, mainly because teachers are asking you to shut up anyways. But when you hit the real adult life people actually want to engage in conversations with you. At times it’s like your deer in the headlights and that is rather off putting and just makes you look rather immature.

All Your Free Time Is Spent Inside

You need a social life to stay sane. Your friends are important, and seeing other humans in the wild matters. Spending all your time with your dab rig is cool, but so is fresh air and some time with your loved ones. If your motivation to go out and do things with others is being zapped, try tucking away your stash box for a bit so you can get out of your comfort zone and reestablish some social connections.

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Overload On The Munchies​

Yes thanks to cannabis the craving to eat food is such a positive thing but also can be such a negative. Positive for newly pregnant women who have a hard time with food due to hormones. People who have problems with wanting to eat food. It can also be great aid to making food. If you love to cook or bake. It can help you become a little more creative. But the negative effects is the over eating and money spending. Put the stoner problems of becoming lazy mix it with the munchies and voila! You have gained 10 pounds in 1 months.

It’s Taking Priority Over Your Responsibilities

You said after work was Day 1 of Operation Back in the Gym, but instead you go home, smoke, and pass out for the night. You said tonight was the night that you’d write out that business plan, but that one hit for a little inspiration turned into 87 hits for procrastination and now you’re watching the basketball episode of The Office for the 832nd time. You were going to pay off that credit card, but you’ll get it next month because you got the munchies and ordered a delicious amount of mozzarella sticks delivered straight to your mouth.

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While cannabis may not be entirely responsible for your laziness, you may want to cut back on it for a while so you eliminate the temptation and can focus on establishing good habits and being more productive.

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Either You’re Getting Too High…

There was a period in college where I couldn’t even smell a blunt without passing out for the next six hours. Imagine being that friend: every time you get high, you pass out on the couch, and now the sitting area is closed for the next 360 minutes.

If you’re getting way too high and it’s leaving you feeling stuck too consistently, you may need a less-potent strain or product, or at least admit that your body isn’t built for war and you need to retreat for a bit to get your soldiers in order.

…Or Your Cannabis Tolerance Has Gotten Too High

Sometimes you smoke so much that you feel like you’re not feeling the effects as strongly as you used to. The only way to power through is to take a little break to reset your tolerance a bit. Even just 24 hours will help, but a full month? Oooohweee, that will make a big difference.

7 Stupid Drug Myths

It’s just a matter of abstaining, right?

The biggest component of undertaking a cannabis tolerance break is indeed abstaining from use and making sure that the body is given time to function without cannabis, but that’s only one part of it.

When making a big change in the body’s chemistry by depriving it of the cannabis it was once accustomed to, the user should focus on other aspects of self-care in order counteract any feelings of deprivation that may stem from the break.

First, acknowledge that the tolerance break will be difficult and that self-care is important during this time. Second, remove cannabis from the environment to help keep the temptation away (this includes accessories). Third, seek the support of the people who you usually enjoy cannabis with, and make them aware that you’re taking a break would appreciate their support.

Physically, there are some incredible ways to make a tolerance break a little less shocking to the system:

Embrace the herbal cleanse: health food stores offer customers gentle herbal cleanses that allow the body to rid itself of substances and toxins, flushing out some of the cannabinoids that the body has built up a tolerance against.

Embrace other herbs and essential oils: if you’re feeling a bit anxious without cannabis, chamomile is an excellent herb to help promote relaxation and the feeling of sedation. One of the neat things about chamomile is that it can also be vaped, so users can still get the feel of a session without the cannabis. Using essential oils like lavender and peppermint are also excellent for promoting a sense of calm.

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Keep exercising: part of the reason why cannabis makes the body feel good is that it boosts the production of serotonin, producing a sense of euphoria that keeps people going back for more. Regular exercise also helps increase the production of serotonin in the brain, mimicking the good feelings that are usually provided by cannabis use.

Listen to the body and let it rest: abstaining from cannabis can cause feelings of withdrawal, slothfulness, and fatigue. The body is undergoing changes, which can make it feel exhausted. Allow yourself the rest you crave, even if it means sleeping more than usual. Your body knows what it needs.

Keep the nutrients and water flowing: those experiencing cannabis withdrawal may find they have a loss of appetite, especially if cannabis was used to tackle appetite issues. While food may be a turn-off, it’s important to keep providing your body with essential nutrients and sufficient hydration in order to support a full reset.

How To Begin

It’s important that you really want to do this before you actually do.

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Remember that time your parents got you into piano lessons for 6 straight years, but now you can barely remember the do-re-mi’s? This is exactly the same!

If deep down you’re doing this because of your girlfriend or because a couple of your friends are also doing it – it won’t work. You need to truly set your intention before you even decide on a time frame.

Choose a date. It’s super important to have a deadline. Don’t set out to take a break from anywhere in-between a few days to a couple of weeks. This will motivate the thought of “yeah, it’s been long enough” to shine through. Without a clear date, there will be nothing in your brain telling you that you haven’t already gone long enough.

There’s no shame in walking away from a bit. You can still support the mission of normalizing the use of cannabis and advancing the legalization of medical marijuana without actually indulging in the product. Do whatever’s best for you, my friend.

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