Berry White Cannabis Strain

THC 22%
CBD 0.1%

Berry White is a potent indica cross between White Widow and Blueberry. An absolutely lovely strain, Berry White produces blissful, creative, and relaxing sensations.
Berry White’s lineage is impressive. An upbeat indica-dominant cross between White Widow and Blueberry, you definitely won’t be able to get enough of the Berry White love. A known mood-lifter, this potent strain provides happy and relaxed effects. Expect to be groovin’ on the couch in a state of mellow, euphoric bliss. This strain’s pleasant high is coupled with an equally pleasant taste and aroma. A lovely sweet blueberry scent is highlighted by a gentle sour earthiness. Most people love this strain for the mild creative sensations it produces. Berry White also presents a significant body high, making it wonderful for pain and muscle spasms. You can also find this strain listed as White Berry or Blue Widow.


Pain Relief



Average Yield

Moderate: 400 to 450 g/m2 indoors, 500 g/plant outdoors

Average Height

2.5 to 3.5 feet

Grow Difficulty



Caryophyllene – Pepper
Humulene – Hops
Limonene – Lemon
Myrcene – Musk, mango
Pinene – Pine

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