Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better: Advantages Of Small Marijuana Plants

Sure, giant weed plants look really cool but a small grow doesn’t necessarily mean small returns.

The majority of ordinary decent home growers have a spare bedroom, a grow tent, or perhaps just a cabinet or a wardrobe to use as their grow-op. For those who are growing in a bedroom cupboard, small-sized tent or limited attic space then small-sized plants are really the only logistical solution.

Small-sized plants are easier to maintain indoors and outdoors when checking for deficiency, insect damage, powdery mildew, mold, seeded flowers, and broken stems or damaged leaf tissue. You can reach up or kneel down, walk around your plant, and give every leaf and bud an inspection, usually without breaking a sweat or taking all day.

Things get a little more complicated when you need a ladder to do the same thing.

The option to grow more varieties is possible when growing smaller-sized plants. It is much easier to include more varieties in a large plant count than when limited to 1-4 large plants. Even if the total harvest is not huge, then having a mixed variety of flowers is more important to some growers than quantity.


No matter the size, your neighbors might be able to smell the goods from over the fence. But you’ll keep your garden much less conspicuous by growing plants on the smaller side. While weed cultivation might be legal in your state, we’re still operating in a grey area due to federal illegality.

If someone’s got a vendetta against you, you’re just better off not having weed plants towering above fences and in plain sight. And besides revenge seekers, there are people who might be tempted to steal your crop if you’re making it too easy for them.

If growing in a Sea of Green format, then using smaller-sized plants to limit the growing size and final flowering height is better suited for small plants. Just because they are smaller in size does not mean they will yield low, it just means you will achieve more per square meter in a shorter amount of time than conventionally grown large plants.

Massive buds definitely look cool, but it can be a headache to try and dry them properly. A tasty, usable crop depends on buds drying evenly from the outside in and inside out. This is a much more reasonable task if buds are a manageable size. Once they feel dry from the outside, a few days of burping them in a storage vessel will suck out the remaining moisture.Bigger buds are more difficult. Even when you think buds are dry on the outside, they might be packing quite a punch of moisture on the inside.

Smaller plants can produce better tasting weed. If the plant is stressed in any way, it abandons unnecessary tasks (like packing on extra foliage) and focuses everything on reproduction. That’s why you hear so much about mouthwatering dry-farmed tomatoes or grapes. The harvest might be smaller, both in fruit size and yield, but the taste is unbeatable, as stressed out plants pour everything they’ve got into their fruit, flowers, or seeds.

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Growing Automatics


Autoflowering strains of Cannabis have become extremely popular in Europe, and it seems the American scene is now enjoying their simplicity and versatility. Through extensive breeding programmes, autoflowering hybrids not only deliver top quality flavor, effect, and flower production, they also grow to a final height that can range from 40 cm – 120 cm depending on the genetics, time of year, pot size, and climate.

One great thing about autoflowering strains is that indoors they perform exceptionally well, and many growers who use separate rooms for vegging and flowering can grow half the room autos under 18/6, meaning they can harvest from both the vegging room and flowering room together, whilst still growing their other plants normally.

Tiny grows can be a lot of fun and will give you insight on the growing process and these methods will improve the quality and yield of your cannabis.

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