Bizarre, Hilarious, and Downright Outrageous Weed Arrests

Generally speaking, cannabis arrests are detrimental to a person’s quality of life. Too many citizens wrongfully spend time behind bars for the sake of relief or recreation.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some kind of silver lining. Sometimes, cannabis arrests are hilarious. A handful of incidents over the past year managed to make some hilarious–if not plain odd–headlines. The stories behind them are even more entertaining.

You Can’t Trade Nugs for Nuggets at McDonald’s

Florida resident, Anthony Gallagher, made his way to a McDonald’s pick-up window during the wee hours of a cold December morning.

Gallagher, high as a kite, attempted to exchange some of his personal bud for some food. With no surprise, the employee working the night shift turned down his offer. Gallagher drove off. But it wasn’t this incident that earned Gallagher an arrest. It was his return to the same McDonald’s drive-thru shortly after that sealed his fate.

Fox reports that police approached Gallagher’s vehicle and noticed the stench of cannabis coming from within. They charged him with cannabis possession and driving under the influence. With high hopes, McDonald’s will expand their payment process.

Circle K Does Not Accept Weed As Cash Either

Danny DeJesus, another resident from the Sunshine State, caught a similar charge. DeJesus entered a Circle K that barred him and attempted to exchange some flowers for a hot dog.

According to police, DeJesus wrapped the pot in tissue and placed it in a cup. The clerk wasn’t 420 friendly, or friendly with DeJesus for that matter. Police arrested him after arriving at the scene.

Sources fail to cite the real crime DeJesus committed: eating a rolling rack hot dog. Take this as a lesson, folks. Don’t trade weed for food, but if you do, aim for the filet mignon.

Cannabis Possession Arrest Leads to Stardom

Rarely does any arrested person have a flattering mugshot or good fortune at the very least. But a 19-year-old Texan woman, Marshala Perkins, managed to get both out of her arrest.

Perkins caught heat from the police after they searched her vehicle. They noticed the smell of cannabis and found a measly two grams–enough to give them agency to arrest her.

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The police posted the mugshot to their website. Someone then submitted the photo to Mugshot Baes, a defunct Twitter account that used to post mugshots of beautiful women. The post earned over 270, 000 likes after going viral, which led to an onslaught of online attention from people seeking her expertise in make-up. She also garnered a sizable following on Instagram and YouTube.

The Devil’s Lettuce vs. Regular Lettuce

It doesn’t get more meta this. Two Florida men were caught carrying 260 pounds of the devil’s lettuce in a truck carrying actual lettuce. Police estimated the value of the cannabis at one-million dollars.

Indiana state troopers discovered the cannabis after a routine inspection. The lettuce-enthusiasts were driving to Colorado, a state where cannabis has been legal since 2012.

Man Arrested For Cannabis Possession Embarrassed It Was Bush Weed

Noah Chirco was minding his own business in St. Augustine, Florida — until the cops showed up. Chirco had 22 grams of cannabis with him. When officers arrested him, the 21-year-old boldly said “I can’t believe you guys caught me with that cheap weed. I usually smoke much better.”

He also added that the amount he was carrying usually lasts him about a week.

Chirco luckily made bail and left police custody the next day.

Two Burger King Employees Arrested For Selling Pot to Cop

Next time you find yourself ordering a Whopper, ask the employees to make your fries extra crispy. Asking this of two former employees at a Burger King in New Hampshire would have earned you a coffee cup full of weed.

Garrett “Nasty Boy” Norris and Meagan Dearborn got duped into selling an undercover cop weed. The incognito officer asked for extra crispy fries. He got exactly what he was bargaining for.

If this sounds like something out of a movie, trust us, it’s not. Police arrested the pair on several charges, and, as far as we know, the duo no longer work at Burger King.

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