Burmese Kush Cannabis Strain

THC 16%
CBD 0.5%

Burmese Kush is a roughly 60-40 Indica/Sativa hybrid with somewhat mysterious genetics. It’s descended from the deservedly popular OG Kush combined with an unknown Indica, apparently from Burma. Like any good Kush, it’s got a strong, medicinal body high. But in this critically acclaimed Hybrid, that’s mixed with a nice, buzzing cerebral effect as well. Burmese Kush is one of those Hybrids that includes some mystery weed. In this case, that’s an unknown Burmese Indica, which is mixed with the famous OG Kush. That blend produces a marijuana with a typically Kush body high as well as some mental effects. It tests at 13-18% THC, which is a pleasant middle-ground that makes it suitable for both the novice smoker and the seasoned expert. Also, it’s got some critical acclaim, having placed in the High Times Top 10 Strains in 2007.

Consumers will notice that this is a “creeper” strain, which is to say that it comes on slowly. So don’t take too much of this weed before you feel the effects. Otherwise, you might take a little too much. Once it sets in, this cannabis gives the enthusiast a warm, hypnotic body high that has good medicinal potential, being that it offers a fair amount of pain relief, nausea relief, and relaxation. A lovely head high sets in as well, but it’s sort of contained by the “couch-lock” effects of this marijuana. Resultantly, you won’t necessarily get the total Sativa exhilaration. It’s more of a comfortable, easygoing experience.

Whatever this strain’s mysterious second parent, medical marijuana patients will be happy breeders took the time to cross it with the legendary OG Kush. This herb has collected a bevy of therapeutic traits that make it a suitable remedy for a number of conditions. Anaesthetic effects of this cannabis could be useful for patients dealing with mild to moderate chronic painsA ppetite-boosting effects perhaps beneficial for patients dealing with stomach-disrupting illnesses or related issues. Tranquilizing effects potentially helpful for patients with chronic stress or anxiety, at reasonable doses.


Pain Relief



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Grow Difficulty

Moderate – Difficult

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