Can Cannabis Help You Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking?

Also known as ‘Glossophobia,’ fear of public speaking is classified as a form of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), and approximately 7% of Americans suffer from it. Don’t believe the 75% figure you see floating about the Internet. That number probably relates to the number of people who don’t like public speaking which is NOT the same thing as Glossophobia.

If 7% sounds small, bear in mind that it impacts 27 million people in the U.S. alone! While there are many therapies available, there is also a large amount of unhelpful prescription medication. Recent research shows that marijuana is capable of helping boost confidence and overcoming SAD so let’s find out which marijuana strains are the best.

Like practically all social phobias, fear of public speaking usually manifests itself in childhood. Fewer than 10% of people with this problem seek treatment, and unfortunately, social phobias continue to get worse when left untreated.

A prime example relates to the middle child who allows their older sibling to make decisions and the younger sibling does the talking. If you never learn to take control of your speaking fear, you can’t expect it to get better.

Traditional Medication for Public Speaking Fear

Beta-blockers are among the most common forms of treatment for anxiety disorders. This type of drug was invented by James Black as a means of blocking the action of adrenaline in the body. As a result, the physical symptoms of stress response are alleviated. It is important to note that beta blockers are actually used as heart medication and are not officially for anxiety yet they are regularly used anyway.

The big problem with beta blockers is that they do nothing for your mental state. Remember, a fear of public speaking typically revolves around uncertainty so you have to be fully prepared or else no drug can help. Secondly, as the fear is purely psychological, beta blockers are useless when preventing negative inner voices or things of that nature.

The other important issue is the small matter of side effects, and there is a litany of them associated with beta-blocker including:

  • Decreased libido or impotence.
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Joint pain
  • Sleep disturbances, nightmares, and hallucinations

Given their relative lack of effectiveness and the side effects, it is clear that beta blockers deserve to be usurped by marijuana in the battle to beat the fear of public speaking.

One of the most famous studies took place in Sao Paulo in 2010 and was published the following year. The research team gave CBD to one group of nervous speakers and a placebo to another group. They asked everyone to compose a speech that was four minutes long which was videotaped.

Afterwards, the researchers were stunned to discover that the speakers who took CBD were significantly less anxious than the placebo group. There are dozens of studies that show that high CBD marijuana, in particular, is effective against social anxiety disorders. Now, it’s time to check out five of the best marijuana strains to combat a fear of public speaking.

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While the psychoactive properties of THC can hinder people with anxiety as much as help them, high-CBD strains ensure you remain clear-headed but provide you with a sense of calm and relaxation that is crucial before any public speaking occasion.

Research relating to marijuana’s effects on social anxiety disorder is ongoing, but there are dozens of studies to suggest that natural herb is more effective, and safer than anything grown in a lab.

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