Can CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

It is possible, albeit unlikely to fail a drug test when taking CBD.

Why, you ask? If there’s no THC in CBD products and drug tests test for THC, then how can it make you dirty? A lot of people are surprisingly unaware of this, but there is THC in high CBD cannabis. There are very low amounts, but it’s there. If you are unaware of this and end up failing your drug test, good luck explaining that to your employer, prospective employer, or god forbid, your probation officer.

The good news is that it’s pretty to difficult to fail a drug test when you’re using a low THC product. It depends on how much you smoke or what form you take it in. If you’re smoking a high CBD strain like Charlotte’s Web, then you would have to smoke a lot of it in order to test dirty. If you’re taking CBD oil, or some other form of concentrate, then you’re a little more likely to fail a drug test.

If the concentrate that you are taking has had all THC removed (which is required in order to sell it in some states), then you should be good to go! Remember, when it comes to passing a drug test, the only one hundred percent foolproof method is abstinence. If you are unsure about the THC content in your CBD product, then your best bet is to refrain from taking it until after your drug test. You should always be aware of what is in the medicine you are taking.

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