Can Hotboxing Really Get You Higher?

If you’ve been around, you’ll be familiar with the concept of the hotbox. If you’ve never heard of hotboxing, you’re not around enough stoners. At the most basic level, hotboxing is smoking cannabis in an enclosed space. For a hot-box to be most successful, you want to be in the smallest area possible. You might also try sparking multiple joints or blunts at once—the methods that produce the most amount of smoke—to get a sufficient amount of hazy plumes in the air. That’s why hotboxing is typically a community-friendly event. The more people there are smoking, the faster and easier it is to get enough cannabis smoke circulating. Essentially, the area fills with marijuana smoke that subsequently enters your lungs, which has been known to enhance a consumer’s overall experience. It’s something most stoners have experienced in their smoking careers.

It’s actually how the hotboxing trend got started. Because smoking in public and outdoors wasn’t an option, friends needed a discreet place to light up. It was almost an act of rebellion, and quickly made its way into cannabis culture and a prime activity for stoners.

But Does It Get You More Stoned?

If you rather not try it out yourself, there is science that proves hotboxing can get you higher. One study at John Hopkins Medicine found secondhand cannabis smoke could cause nonsmokers to get high.

Results found that all six non-smokers who spent an hour exposed to secondhand smoke in the unventilated room had detectable amounts of THC in their blood and urine as well as mild symptoms of being high.

“We found positive drug effects in the first few hours, a mild sense of intoxication and mild impairment on measures of cognitive performance,” said senior author Ryan Vandrey, Ph.D. “These were relatively slight effects, but even so, some participants did not pass the equivalent of a workplace drug test.”

The combination of an enclosed space, cannabis smoke, and a lack of oxygen contribute to users experiencing stronger highs. The light-headed feeling you experience during a hotbox session is attributed to both the lack of oxygen you’re intaking and the amount of smoke you are inhaling.

So basically yes, hotboxing can really get you higher.

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