Cannabis Caviar: What Is It and DIY Guide

Cannabis caviar is found at many dispensaries and cannabis outlets throughout the country. But what is it?

Caviar weed has nothing to do with fish eggs. But like the fishy delicacy sharing the same name (which also costs hundreds of dollars an ounce) caviar weed is known for being high quality. It’s also know for its legendary ability to deliver a serious potency punch. Marijuana caviar is cannabis bud that’s completely covered in cannabis oil. It’s then left to dry for several hours; typically overnight. Some producers use a high-powered spray gun to spray the oil onto the buds; this allows for an easy covering of the whole plant, and often leads to the oil seeping through to the stem.

Although the above-mentioned process results in what many consider marijuana caviar, it’s at its best when an extra step is taken. This step, which we consider vital, is covering the bud in kief before the oil drys. Achieve this by holding the bud with tweezers and sprinkling it on, or; rolling the nugget in a container filled with kief. Bud completely coated in oil and kief is marijuana moon rocks, a form of marijuana caviar.

If you don’t live in a state where cannabis is legal, obtaining it can be nearly impossible. Your best bet is to make your own, though that requires obtaining or making cannabis oil and kief; a challenge itself for many people.

If you are lucky enough to live in a state where cannabis is legal; or live in a state where it’s legal for medical purposes, and are a patient; we recommend calling the outlets/dispensaries in your area, and ask them if they have any marijuana caviar.

Caviar Gold

One of the name brand caviar weed companies on the market is called Caviar Gold. They claim that their unique product is the world’s strongest. If you’ve can confirm that this is the strongest weed in the world tell us in the comments below. Anyhow their caviar weed can be found on the west coast in places like California, Nevada and Washington. What makes these guys awesome is that they use high quality indoor bud that’s infused with oil all the way down to the stem. It’s then coated completely with a generous sprinkling of kief. They look very similar to Moon Rocks weed. Like Moon Rock weed Caviar Gold weed has a deep earthiness that some describe as almost smelling like fresh-brewed coffee with bold spices.

How to make caviar weed

In today’s marijuana market—if you’re lucky enough to be in a state that’s open to the idea, you can be discriminating while sourcing ingredients if you choose to make your own dank caviar.If you grow weed you might have everything you need already. If you live in a place where weed haters prevail well… Think about moving.

Making caviar cannabis is really pretty simple.

You will need:

1. Cannabis buds
2. Hash Oil
3. Kief

  • Take your best quality bud and either drop it into some hash oil and roll it in the goo. Your goals is to coat it completely. The longer you leave it in the oil the longer that oil will work its way into every nook and cranny of that bud. A couple hour should suffice.
  • Take that little nugget of beauty and roll it into some kief. Roll that sticky little caviar nug in some kief until it’s all completely covered.
  • Set it off to the side and allow it to firm up. It’s that simple. Stop, drop, roll.

To enjoy caviar weed all you’ve got to do is treat it just like any other marijuana bud. Bust it up and smoke it in a bowl or a bong. Use a hemp wick you stoner. There’s no need to inhale any butane after coming this far. Grind it up in your grinder and roll a joint. What’s great about this technique is that because cannabis caviar is so dense and soaked in oil it takes a long time to burn.

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