Cannabis Company in Canada Pays 50$/ Hour to People “Testing” Their Products

A Toronto-based cannabis brand called AHLOT—an abbreviation for A Higher Level of Thought—is seeking to hire five part-time Canadian cannabis connoisseurs to sample, curate, and pair cannabis strains together. That’s not even the best part. Starting wages for the position begin at $50CAD an hour, and also includes a monthly expense account of $200.

According to the Huffington Post, the cannabis brand seeks to hire their Cannabis Curation Committee (CCC) after Canadians can legally take a hit on October 17. Work for selected connoisseurs starts precisely one month later on November 17. The position is open to all Canadians, allowing them to work remotely, no matter where they are located between coasts.

AHLOT should not be confused with Canadian cannabis producers like Canopy Growth or Aphria. The Canadian cannabis brand creates sample packs that include a variety of different cannabis strains that complement each other.

If the job description wasn’t clear enough, the work is pretty relaxed and requires its applicants to work up to 12 hours per month, or 1-3 hours per week.

Along with testing different types of cannabis, selected curators will be required to produce social media posts and appear at company events, along with other obligations entailed within the job description. Canadian hopefuls can apply directly on AHLOT’s website by filling out a brief questionnaire and survey of questions on the applicant’s personality and cannabis knowledge.

Though jobs in this emerging industry seem far-fetched, the demand is real. Earlier this year, surveying company Deloitte LLP projected the legal Canadian cannabis industry to have an estimated worth of $22.6 billion, meaning workers will be inevitably needed to test products for sale. Smoking weed and job hunting are rarely used positively in the same sentence. However, in the rapidly evolving era of Canadian cannabis legalization, more seemingly unlikely jobs are surfacing.

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