Cannabis Company Mocks Prescription Drug Ads In Awesome Video Commercial

Despite medical marijuana being legal in 29 states, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine a doctor recommending and prescribing the plant, especially for those who have grown up in the heat of cannabis prohibition. However, it’s clearly a viable treatment that holds an astounding number of medicinal benefits, some which are largely untapped.

Well, perhaps one of the reasons we don’t think of it like your typical prescription drug is, simply, we haven’t seen any cheesy television ads like you see with a lot of the mainstream prescription drugs out there.

An Oregon-based cannabis delivery service, just cooked up a high-larious parody video that largely mocks the mostly lame commercials prescription drug companies pump out on a seemingly daily basis.

Teaming with Sandwich Video, Brightside created this SNL-style parody video, which depicts two stressed-out adults finally getting the help they need—courtesy of some green.The video begins like your average pharmaceutical ad but takes a turn once its product (and product description) come into focus.

“Briteside offers an extensive menu of strains and products to meet your needs,” the narrator says. “Choose the experience you want, and we’ll send you the dankest herb. The real sticky icky… If you like what we send you, keep the whole jar. We’ll even include some nugs for you to blaze.”

After listing out a list of potentially awesome side-effects, including “euphoria, increased appetite, uncontrollable giggles, elevated sensitivity to musical dopeness and reduced anxiety,” the spot aptly ends with another classic pharmaceutical line—with a little twist.

Final Toughts: Pot Company Mocks Prescription Drug Ads In Genius Parody Video

Per their press release, Briteside launched on Tuesday, November 7, and has partnered with dispensaries in Portland, Bend and Ashland, Oregon, to offer in-store pickups and same-day delivery for medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers throughout the state.

The service includes standard individual orders or a Discovery Box, a recurring multiple-item delivery service that allows the consumer to customize their orders to their own specifications, while also providing subscribers with one new “discovery item” per order.

Mike Hayes, the co-owner of the Oregon dispensary Miracle Greens, expressed his excitement regarding his newfound partnership with Brightside and believes it can add a much-needed new wrinkle to the cannabis retail industry.

“We’re excited to work with Briteside since their e-commerce platform lets our customers know exactly what products we have in stock,” said Hayes. “Additionally, their platform allows us to better understand and anticipate consumer demand.”

Justin Junda, the co-founder and CEO of Briteside, said his company’s goal is simple—make cannabis purchasing easier for the consumer.

“We’re here to make life simpler for the cannabis consumer,” said Junda. “Three of the biggest pain points for cannabis customers are knowing if their favorite products are actually in-stock at their preferred dispensary, waiting in long lines to make their purchases, and for some, especially those with health impediments, just getting to a dispensary can be a chore. Together with our partner dispensaries, we’re alleviating these all-too-common pains.”

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