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Cannabis Emojis For Stealthy Texting

Unfortunately, the social platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Messenger or phone texts do not include any marijuana emojis. Not to worry – us weed smokers have gotten creative. The following is a list of emojis that were not intended to be about marijuana, but I think they work pretty well.

Perhaps most important is that these emojis are stealthy and inconspicuous.

Tree cannabis emojis

1. Trees: Using the term ‘trees’ to mean marijuana has become pretty universal. ???

Fire cannabis emoji 

2. Fire: Gotta have a way to light up those trees. ???

Cloud cannabis emoji

3. Cloud: Blowing smoke. Combine this with the lips or a face to complete the picture. ???

Rocket cannabis emoji

4. Rocket: Ready for blastoff? Use this emoji to show just how high you go. ??

Leaf cannabis emoji

5. Leaf: I know – it’s a maple leaf, but it’s the closest thing we get to a proper weed leaf. ???


OK hand sign cannabis emoji

6. OK: They say it’s the ‘OK’ symbol. We say it’s the ‘holding a joint’ symbol.  ???

Peace sign cannabis emoji

7. Peace sign: This one is for the hippie in all of us – an homage to a time of marijuana’s awakening. ??


Heart cannabis emoji

8. Heart: The symbol of love – Perfect to show how you feel about Mary Jane. ???

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