Cannabis Inspired New Year’s Resolutions For Stoners

Every year, millions of people make new year resolutions – stoners are no different. New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and hard to keep, but they don’t have to be if you choose something you enjoy: weed, for instance! For all you cannabis enthusiasts out there looking for a New Year’s resolution! I’m sure there are a few that you can relate to.

Learn A New Cannabis Fact Every Day

This is definitely a win-win resolution for the Cannabis lover. It’s important that we stay educated and informed on Mary Jane in every aspect. As mentioned before weed is all about chemistry and this includes body chemistry as well. The more you know about the bliss you’re inhaling into your being the healthier you can be as an all around productive person.

Stop Pocketing Lighters

Are you leaving the house with 1 lighter, and returning with 4? Stop it. I know you probably don’t mean to steal lighters, but it’s still shitty. Make a conscious effort to stop taking your friend’s lighters.

Try Healthier Ways to Consume Cannabis


Smoking is your jam. However, from time to time, it’s nice to give the lungs a little bit of a break and switch to vaping or edibles for a little bit.

Eat Healthier Munchies

We all love Little Debbie’s, but that doesn’t mean we should get stoned and eat two boxes of cosmic brownies. This year, try keeping fresh fruit or another healthy snack at hand for smoke sessions. Try this new method for making an apple pipe. It leaves you with extra slices for snacking.

Learn to Make Edibles

Sure, there are plenty of places that make great edibles. But everyone knows homemade stuff always tastes better. So why don’t you learn a few edibles recipes this year and impress all your friends with your chef skills?

Grow Your Own Weed

If you want a New Year’s resolution with physical results, plan to grow your own weed in the coming year! It takes time, dedication, and only a little bit of blood, sweat, and tears. But if you grow the weed right, you could be looking at a reward that keeps on giving.

Growing your own weed might be the best cannabis-themed New Year’s resolution, especially for people who like to get their hands dirty. Just make sure to check out the laws and regulations for growing weed in your area since laws can vary drastically, even from city to city. You wouldn’t want your New Year’s cannabis resolution cut short by getting arrested for an illegal grow!

Smoke New Strains

When you’re a certified Stoner it can be easy to get stuck in a Mary Jane rut so to speak. Smoking the same flower strains day in and day out, dabbing the same honey resin, and feeling the same awesome high. Marijuana is all about chemistry down to the science, so knowing what works well with your body is key, but what if, just what if, you could find a strain that not only speaks to your hyperactivity but turns it into creativity while at the same time curving depression and placing you gently right where you need to be, In your own skin. Well there is one! Starting off 2019 getting better acquainted with members in the Cannabis family feels like a great jump start.

Fight for Legalization

There might not be any elections in 2020, but there are still ways to help push for marijuana legalization. Attend a rally or work on a petition drive to change marijuana laws in your city, state or country.

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Break the Stereotypes

Pot smokers have be seen as negative stereotypes for a long time. The truth is, there are many successful people who smoke weed. This year, let’s show the world that the marijuana community is not filled with people who are lazy, confused, and paranoid. Let’s show the world we are smart, resourceful, and healthy.

Start one, or Add New Pieces to Your Smoking Accessories Collection

Put a little spice back into your smoking sessons by creating a shrine so to speak. Adding colorful and useful peices to your collection creates a new vibe when you’re getting lifted and is always sanitary especially for the social stoner. Bubblers and bongs are a great way to really taste your flower, not to mention grinders, Vapes, and pipes. All these cool Mary Jane toys waiting to be chose by you this smoking season

Attend a Festival or Concert


Us Stoners have a deep connection with music, and somehow we effortlessly embed them into our own unique culture no matter what walk of life you’re from, the common denominator being Sweet Cheeba. Make an effort to stack some cheese with intentions of buying dope tickets to a festival or concert to one your favorite artist or bands. Buying new and innovative life experiences and building life memories can sometimes feel more fulfilling than purchasing material stuff. If music doesn’t tickle your cerebral pickle try a museum exhibit, or maybe even a play. Any social gathering you feel would hold your attention while your high.

Stop Smoking Resin

That shit is terrible. For real. It’s super enticing when your completely dankrupt, but this year we should all strive to stop smoking it. It’s mostly tar.

Making New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition all around the world. We all hope for a better future–especially when the year we’re leaving behind has been a tough one. By setting resolutions, you can strengthen the relationship you have with yourself, and with cannabis.

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