Cannabis Package Sent To Wrong Address

An Indiana resident received a “surprise” package at his doorstep Wednesday, opened it and found 10 pounds of marijuana inside, police say.

Police believe the package was sent to the wrong address in Columbus, and have not determined where it came from.

In an effort to find its rightful owner, police have reached out on Facebook and Twitter with a photo of the weed packed in clear bags and organized by strain.

The department posted a picture Thursday to its official Twitter page, showing several large plastic bags containing marijuana. The caption read:

“Please help! My name is 10 Pounds of Weed. I am lost and looking for my owner. I was sent to the wrong address yesterday in Columbus and now the police have me locked up in the evidence room. Please get me out of here soon, you will need your ID. Thanks a bunch.”

Columbus police also posted about the marijuana on their Facebook page, “Since there (are) only 187 days until Christmas, we are happy to share a story on the first day of Summer about unexpected gifts.”

The post goes on to say that a Columbus resident received a package Wednesday but he wasn’t expecting any orders.

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The man opened the package and found 10 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $30,000. “Definitely not what he expected. Just like the time he got socks and underwear for his birthday from his Aunt Edna instead of that video game he was wanting for months,” said the post.

The man contacted Columbus police, and they put the pot in their property room where, “it patiently waits for it’s (sic) real owner to claim it.”

Back in January, a package containing marijuana was also delivered to the wrong address in Columbus.

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