Cannabis Strains with Dense Buds

When choosing a particular cannabis strain to grow, cultivators take into consideration a number of factors, like the plant’s flowering period, yield rate, and flower size. For this reason, cannabis plants are like snowflakes, because each strain has a unique size, shape, structure, color, and high. Now that so many options are available, consumers pay close attention to how their bud looks and feels. Some particular strains may produce buds that are more dense, while other plants may produce more colorful flowers.

Cannabis genetics have the potential to influence bud densities, and sativa-dominant strains are inherently less dense than indicas. Yes, producing thick, resin-covered cannabis buds is the dream of every cannabis cultivator. Time to stop fantasizing – below is the list of our favorite cannabis strains with denser buds.

Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel has round, medium-sized buds with leaves that appear yellowish-green. Red hairs called pistils, structures that operate to catch pollen from male plants, contrast with the densely-packed leaves. When properly cured, the flowers are somewhat sticky — the dusting of trichomes is not as immediately obvious as it is on more resinous strains like White Widow. Nevertheless, breaking open buds reveals trichomes coating the insides of the dense flowers.

Northern Lights


Northern Lights buds are pretty densely packed, with thick and prominently displayed sugar leaves that protrude slightly outwards. They are a dark, olive green in color, often with streaks of purple and blue running through, feeling similar to the shades that can be seen when the actual northern lights come out to play.

White Widow


White Widow weed is laden with frosty, bright crystals that glisten and gleam the minute any source of light hits the nuggets. Underneath that snow-covered first blanketed layer, however, glimpses can be seen of fat sage-green buds stacked up together in tall colas, ready to be cut apart and trimmed down for the world’s best smoke. White Widow is probably the most attractive or visually appealing marijuana strain.

Big Bud


The spring green buds have fewer than average pistils, but hold a high volume of silver-white trichomes that make the buds look almost wet. Because of the high trichome count, these buds are also very sticky and invariably hard to break up by hand. These gigantic buds have a deep green color, are extremely heavy and dense with a rich, sweet hash like aroma complimented by a sweet hashy flavor. Big Bud will knock you out with a long lasting body centered indica-type stone.

Durban Poison


Buds of Durban Poison are medium to large in size. Although they have a dense, compact structure typical of indica varieties, their long and tapered shape is more characteristic of sativas. The forest green leaves are offset by bright orange pistils, meant to catch pollen from male fertilizing plants. A coating of milky-white trichomes gives the cured flowers a light sheen and an incredibly sticky texture.

Keeping the right conditions for an optimum growth should be the number-one consideration for any cultivator, particularly if he is looking to have densely packed buds.

The primary reasons for a poor yield are bad illumination, insufficient nourishment or excessive temperatures. Allowing one of these conditions to become out of control – particularly towards the end of a plant’s life cycle – can significantly impact the well-being of the heads.

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