Cannabis To Control Hypertension: 3 Scientific Keys To Help The Patients

Hypertension is a chronic disease characterized by a continuous increase in blood pressure on the arteries, which forces the heart to work harder than in normal conditions, creating an enormous stress. Hypertension is also associated with an increased risk of diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke, aortic aneurysm or peripheral arterial diseases.

According to recent studies, the use of medicinal cannabis in small doses may benefit people suffering from hypertension, and improve their quality of life.

But how is this possible?

What kind of substances contained in plants of cannabis can help patients with hypertension?

Today in our article, coinciding with the celebration of World Hypertension Day, we will look at some of the studies on chemical components of cannabis, regarding the effects of cannabis molecules to relieve the patients of hypertension.

– Cannabigerol

THC is not only just a phytocannabinoid having an effect on blood pressure. A study conducted in 2006 by the School of Pharmacy of the Hebrew University, concluded that a synthetic form of cannabigerol (CBG) was effective in reducing blood pressure by causing vasodilation in rats. In the future it is likely that other cannabinoids disclose their specific effect on vasodilatation and hypertension.

– Anandamide

Besides the latest research they have found that anandamide (analog endogenous THC), exerts a potent vasodilator effect, and its interaction with peripheral CB1 receptors is accompanied by an increase in another vasodilator peptide, linked to the gene calcitonin. In addition, the actions of anandamide may be mediated by endocannabinoids in other ways as yet unknown.

– Hypotensive effect of THC

A study on the hypotensive effect of THC in cats, concluded that intravenous administration of 2 mg / kg resulted in “a significant decrease in blood pressure and heart rate gradually developed and extended duration”. However, the fact that it has been shown that THC causes tachycardia (increased heart rate) in humans suggests that different mechanisms are affected and still need more studies on people.

Hypertension is also associated with an increased risk of diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke, aortic aneurysm or peripheral arterial diseases.

Is important for the patient to seek for alternative methods to smoking: vaporizers or cannabis capsules can be interesting alternatives.

And, of course, and most important part, you must talk to your doctor before starting a treatment for relief hypertension with cannabis.

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