Cannabis Will Be Included In Swag Bags Given To Oscar Nominees This Year

The unofficial gift bags, put together by marketing company Distinctive Assets, will be given to the 25 Oscar nominees for the acting and directing categories and will include cannabis-infused chocolate truffles.

Coda Signature’s “Crescendo collection” truffles come in three flavours: Burnt caramel, earl grey and juniper lemon, and won first place at the High Times Colorado Cup in 2016.

Each hand-made truffle contains 10 mg of THC.

Coda advises users to “start low and go slow” with the candy, recommending 1-5 mg to begin with to avoid overdosing, as can be common with edibles since it can take some time before the high kicks in.

California recently legalized cannabis for recreational use, allowing Distinctive Assets to include the truffles in the gift bag, but company founder Lash Fary told the Telegraph that they were still treading lightly with the inclusion of cannabis.

“There are quite a few regulations surrounding distribution of cannabis, so we are treading lightly this year as we dip our toe into those waters,” he said.

One thing the attendees must remember is that cannabis is still illegal in many other U.S. states, so not to travel with the product where it is not yet legal.

The gift bags have been given to Oscar contenders for over a decade, but have gotten in hot water with the awards ceremony before and were sued in 2016 for copyright infringement.

Oscars maintains that it has no affiliation with the swag bags, and no Oscars branding can be applied to the bags.

Nevertheless, the bags receive coverage every year for their opulence, regularly being valued at over $100,000 USD each.

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The gift bags will also include a membership to the first cannabis-friendly social club in LA and cannabis-infused skincare products, such as a facial moisturizer from High Beauty that contains a cannabis sativa seed extract but no THC.

Companies hoping to be included in the exclusive gift bags have to pay up to $4,000 for the opportunity to be put in the hands of A-list celebrities.

This year those celebrities include Bradley Cooper, Mahershala Ali, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Adams, Lady Gaga, Christian Bale and Rachel Weisz.

Other freebies include private “phobia-relief” sessions with “the world’s number one phobia expert,” a “Mister Poop” emoji toilet plunger, and the choice of a boat trip down the Amazon or Galapagos Islands.

The Oscars will air Sunday February 24 at 8:00 p.m. EST. Be on the lookout for red eyes!

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