Cannagar: A Cigar Made Entirely Out Of Marijuana

A Cannagar is an abbreviation for cannabis cigar. 100% cannabis. No paper or tobacco harshing up your smoke. Instead, wrap your pot in a premium cannabis leaf. Inside should only be the finest weed and marijuana products available to you.

We’re talking high-quality indoor full flower nugs, solventless hash oil. The concept is similar to moon rocks which are made with full nugs, hash oil, and kief. If you’re really ’bout that life, take your cannagar to the next level. Using kief and hash oil covered nugs should easily double the potency.

One issue with moon rocks is they’re more tricky to grind and smoke. You risk losing the two most expensive and potent ingredients. Every time you break up a moon rock, kief and oil can get lost to your fingers or a grinder.

On the other hand, the ingredients of a cannagar are wrapped and tightly sealed. So your potent ingredients are safe, and you get the smoothest cannabis smoke of your life as a bonus.

The best part is that it can burn for ages. Spark it at 4:20 pm, and it should still be going by 5:20 pm. The cannagar is the smoothest and classiest smoking experience a cannabis consumer can have this 4/20.

Thai Sticks

Before getting into how to make a cannagar, you should know where it originates from. Your uncle might be able to fill you in on some of the details.

In fact, the cannagar was inspired by the “Thai Stick,” which was popular in the 1960’s and 70’s. Once you understand the thai stick, you can better understand how to make a cannagar.

Cannagars are still called thai sticks to this day. However, today’s thai sticks differ from the OG recipe.

Back in the day, thai sticks were some of the first premium seedless buds. They were tied to a bamboo stick with hemp string. For added potency, they were dipped in opium.

Having a thai stick gave you bragging rights during the hippy era. Today we’d like to think most people would prefer the cannagar. America’s got enough of an opiate problem as it is. Fortunately, cannabis always seems

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Fortunately, cannabis always seems to help. In fact, states with legalized marijuana have lower opioid overdose mortality rates. You can replace the opium in a thai stick with hash oil to keep the trend going.

Materials To Make A Cannagar

If you want your cannagar to match a corona size cigar, you’ll need about 12 grams of flower and 3 grams of hash oil to stuff in there. Live resin and sappier consistencies of cannabis concentrates work well for making cannagars.

However, an eighth of weed, a half gram of any cannabis concentrates, and pot leaves are enough to make a mini cannabis cigar or “cannagarillo.”

On top of the required marijuana products, you’ll need a small wooden stick and hemp rope.

You’re essentially making a piff-ka-bob. The wooden stick makes it easier to consume your ingredients. Take it out before smoking it. The hole in its place will help keep the smoke and air flowing as you toke. Without it, your cannagar is vulnerable to clogging from resin build up. Roll it too tightly, to begin with, and it won’t hit.

How To Roll A Cannagar

Once you’ve got all your materials, you can start putting this beast together.

1. Grind your weed: Make sure you’re using fresh, sticky, and preferably fluffy buds. Dry weed has no chance of sticking to a wooden stick.

2. Start molding: Coat the skewer with hash oil or a mix of sugar and water to create an adhesive. Next, you’ll need to pack as much bud as you can spare to the stick.

3. Utilize hemp rope: You can use some hemp rope to tie the weed down to the stick. Don’t tie it too tight, you want to make it easy to remove later on. The string will help prevent weed from falling off while you mold it.

4. Put mold in the fridge: Once it’s tied up, wrap the mold in parchment paper and throw it in a fridge for 1-2 days.

5, Remove hemp rope: Gently remove the hemp rope after removing from fridge.

6. Apply hash oil: Use the ends of the stick to roll your bud in sticky hash oil. If your concentrate is more stable like shatter, you can put a lighter to it until it gets sticky.

7. Wrap leaves: You can start to wrap the oil-soaked cylinder with cannabis leaves. This takes the place of rolling papers or cigar wraps when rolling blunts. Soak outside of leaves with liquid concentrate or sugar water before you tie it up again with hemp string.

8. Refrigerate: A few days in the fridge and you can add another 1-2 layer of oil and leaves to fatten it up.

9. Cure: Finally, you’ll have to dry your cannagars out for 1 to 2 weeks before they’re ready to smoke. After curing, store in an airtight container until you’re ready to smoke. Before sparking it, remove the hemp strings and skewer.

A properly rolled cannagar will ensure the smoothest smoke from start to when you finish 1-5 hours later.

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