Cannabis Drinks

Who says that cannabis infused food should get to have all the fun? Sipping your stash may quickly become your favorite alternative to eating, smoking or vaping.

Cannabis Apple Cider

Nothing says fall quite like apple cider. Try this medicated spiced apple cider… it’s tangy, delicious and sure to warm and soothe the soul. Ingredients: Crockpot 8 cups apple cider (64 oz. bottle) 2 cinnamon sticks ½ teaspoon ground allspice ½ teaspoon whole cloves cheesecloth ¼ cup brown sugar ⅛ cup...

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Weed Whiskey

Sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough booze or bud in the world to make your life seem any easier. Well, now there is. It’s called JackPot! Ingredients: 750 mL bottle of Bourbon Whiskey 1/4 oz Ground Weed (decarboxylated) Directions: Pour the bottle of whiskey into a sealable jar (or...

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Cannabis Infused Bhang

Bhang is extremely popular in India, especially during the “Holi Festival”, where the triumph of “good” over “evil” is celebrated. Bhang is said to relieve anxiety, boost meditation, and cause transcendental states of mind and spiritual ecstasy. If taken in “proper” quantities, Bhang has many medicinal values, including improving digestion...

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