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Sugar Kush Cannabis Strain

THC 20%  CBD 0.2% Sugar Kush is a sweet-tasting pure Indica which offers a heavy and comfortable body high, often producing an immediate and satisfying slumber. Sugar Kush is an appropriately sweet-smelling Indica marijuana, bred from Kandy Kush and Hash Plant. It’s a super classic Kush strain, in that...

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Black Dog Cannabis Strain

Black D.O.G. by Humboldt Seed Organization is a weighty mixture of two northern California favorites, Blackberry Kush and Emerald Headband. This medium-sized plant expresses dark, nearly black leaves that give way to sticky, dense buds. Its aroma is a mixture of grape, berries, and oil while the effects tend...

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Big Wreck Cannabis Strain

THC 19% CBD 0.1% Big Wreck is an Indica flower that will still leave marijuana consumers feeling functional. Mellow and relaxing, this strain is popular for afternoon relief from pain and tension. The Big Wreck marijuana strain is an easygoing Indica with mood-boosting effects. Known for its large flowers...

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Diamond OG Cannabis Strain

THC 18% CBD 1% Diamond OG is a high-quality Indica. It’s descended from the classic OG Kush, although it’s unclear whether it’s a cloned phenotype, or strained with another Indica. Regardless, the effects are clear: a tranquilizing, sedative, hypnotic body high that’s great for pain relief or just recreational...

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