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Trinity Cannabis Strain

THC 21% CBD 0.5% Trinity is a rare, almost mythical Sativa strain rumored to have originated in Northern California. There are some rumblings that Purple Kush features in its lineage. Regardless of its background, marijuana enthusiasts covet this strain’s sweet berry flavors and potent head high. Cannabis consumers who...

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Power Plant Cannabis Strain

THC 15% CBD 2% Power Plant is an award-winning Sativa strain from Dutch Passion. Developed from South African genetics, this strain has never been hybridized, offering marijuana consumers a potent, clear-headed buzz with slightly above average THC content. This strain’s combination of energetic and uplifting buzzes have won it...

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Stardawg Guava Cannabis Strain

THC 21% CBD 0.1% Stardawg Guava is one of several popular Stardawg phenotypes. This Sativa-dominant hybrid provides a spirited, creative energy with subtle relaxing body effects. Stardawg Guava is a rising star in the cannabis community. Many growers like this strain for its bountiful yields and stimulating, energetic effects....

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