Charges You Can Face For Smoking Weed Around Kids

Legalization of Cannabis is progressing, that’s why law enforcement is warning parents to be on the caution side of things when using weed at home.


As cannabis legalization rolls out, the law is defining where it can and cannot be used.

While you can use and smoke it behind closed doors of your home, rules change if you have children in the house.

“You cannot knowingly use in close proximity [around] anyone under 21 years of age,” Illinois “Weed Lawyer” W. Scott Hanken said.

Any cannabis kept in your house must also be in a pre-packaged, childproof packaging and kept out of childs reach.

“It’s not a good idea to expose them to a mind-altering substance and we know there can be secondhand smoke that could be inhaled by the cannabis,” Sangamon County Sheriff Campbell said. “So it’s vital that if the parents are going to partake in this, that they don’t expose their children to it.”

Sheriff Campbell said his department already investigates cases where they are tipped off about a child smelling like cannabis and sometimes even meth-making chemicals. It’s something they can take action on.


“We would look at the totality of the circumstances and determine whether or not the parent was endangering the life or safety of a child,” Sheriff Campbell said. “At that time, we would decide whether or not to either immediately arrest them or to file charges through the state’s attorney’s office.”

Mandated reporters, like teachers or social workers, are required to report suspected child neglect or endangerment to law enforcement.

You should especially be carefull if you watch other children.

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“If you also happen to have a child daycare in that residence, obviously you cannot use it or consume it there,” Hankin said.

Any cannabis kept in the house must also be in a prepackaged, childproof container. In other words, kept out of reach.

Although you can smoke on private property… Legally it can’t be around your child.

The sheriff is also concerned about edibles, which are often packaged as treats like candy or baked goods.


He especially wants parents to keep these items secure since they might look tempting to a child.

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