Cheating On a Drug Test With Fake Pee

For regular marijuana consumers, it can take 30 days and sometimes even longer to get clean. Even people who smoke weed only once have a waiting period of roughly 5 to 8 days before they can give a THC-free urine sample. Using fake, or synthetic urine to pass a drug test is quickly becoming the most popular and, seemingly, most efficient way of passing a drug test. More and more people around the country are purchasing synthetic urine and slipping it into specimen cups in an attempt to “beat” drug tests required by their current employer, a prospective employer, or even their school.

What is synthetic urine?

Friedrich Wohler of Germany, a chemist, back in the 19th Century, was trying to create ammonium cyanate in his laboratory, when his concoction passed as urine after a few tests. Many laboratories use synthetic urine to calibrate and test their equipment. This fake pee is designed to look, smell and act like real urine. It foams when you shake it, the color is slightly yellow and it smells like urea. The chemical properties of synthetic urine are comparable to urine with a human origin. The pH levels are within the normal range, creatinine and urea are part of the chemical makeup just like real urine. Your actual urine is made up of certain components and mimicking these is what synthetic urine is all about.

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Fake urine covers these bases:

  • 95% of the liquid is water
  • 5% is made up of creatinine and urea

Other substances that are added:

  • phosphates
  • ammonia
  • sulphates
  • chlorides

You will find that the different manufacturers will have their own unique formula and recipe. So, no synthetic urine available on the market will have exactly the same makeup. Some of the kits come in a powder form that you must mix and heat with an external heating source. A thermometer will come with these kits to ensure that you heat the urine to the correct body temperature range. Other tests come pre-mixed and with a type of heating powder that you mix into the liquid to raise the temperature.

Can I legally buy fake pee?

In most states, the sale of synthetic urine is legal.

So Synthetic Pee is fail proof?

Many people swear by using synthetic urine to pass a drug test, but as laboratories are gaining more knowledge and insight into the process of how synthetic urine is made, they have come up with ways to test whether or not the urine that you supply is human in origin. Even the most reliable fake pee products are extremely risky. If the deceiver doesn’t properly mix the product, heat it, hide it, and transport it, the ruse may be revealed, and the culprit could be fired or fined.

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Temperature is often the tell-tale characteristic of synthetic urine. The biggest mistake that people make is using fake urine at an incorrect temperature. If a specimen falls outside of the range 90–100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is clearly a fake. Human urine leaves your body between 94 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. And drug test samples are tested for the temperature within a few minutes of you handing it over. You may think giving a room temperature sample will be sufficient, but it’s a dead giveaway that you’re trying to scam the system.

Other revealing characteristics include the following:

  • Presence of creatinine, a substance produced by the kidneys (some fake pee does contain creatinine)
  • Lack of bubbles when shaken (the protein in urine bubbles when agitated)
  • pH level
  • Specific gravity (measuring amount of particulates in the fluid)
  • Scent
  • Even a tiny mistake by the product manufacturer or the donor can result in the specimen being flagged, placing the donor’s future in jeopardy.

How do labs test for drugs in your urine?

The labs first put your urine through a test called EMIT, which stands for Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique. This tests for any drugs and high levels of protein. They test the color of the urine, to make sure it is the required color that urine needs to be.

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They look for the following:

  • the pH level is between 4,5 and 8
  • the gravity level is between 1.005 and 1.030 – this measures the density of the urine as well as concentrate of solutes within
  •  the creatinine levels are above 15 mg
  • that there isn’t Glutaraldehyde present in the urine, as this is an obvious mix from synthetic urines
  • that there isn’t Nitrate present for same reasons as above point
  • that there isn’t increased volumes of urea present, which indicates that it is fake urine
  • color and odor is measured against set parameters
  • temperature, if taken quick enough to test can also be factored in to see whether the urine is real or not
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How to Properly Use Synthetic Pee?

First off, you have to choose a high-quality unisex product – a synthetic urine product that works for both men and women. Once you have chosen a good synthetic urine brand, then you can begin planning on how to get it inside the facility where your drug test will take place. You will need a container or bag that is not too bulky to store your synthetic urine in. This part gets A LOT more complicated when it comes to supervised drug tests because you will flat out fail if you don’t step it up. This is why we recommend using the Monkey Dong or Monkey Whizz because it looks just like the real thing. You might also want to consider getting a thermometer strip, so you know the exact temperature of what you’re going to hand over. Wear tight underwear or leggings to hold your piss container against your body. This way it will stay warm longer, and won’t fall out of the bottom of your pants because that would be bad.

  • Microwave your fake piss for about 15 seconds, or until it reaches 110 degrees. If you heat it up to the ideal temperature, it will only cool down.
  • Pour the fake piss into your flask.
  • Double check the temperature on the thermometer strip. If it matches, you’re all set to go.
  • Place the body flask in your underwear. If it’s irritating or directly rubbing against your skin, tie it over your underwear or wear leggings between your underwear and pants so that it stays in place.
  • In the bathroom, read the temperature on your flask. If it is below 94 degrees, activate the heating pad and apply it to the flask until it reaches the proper temperature of 94-96 degrees.
  • Shake the flask to create bubbles in the fake urine before pouring it into the sample cup.
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So, there you have it.. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to successfully pass a drug test.

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