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Chocolate Chunk Cannabis Strain

THC 16%
CBD 0.1%

Chocolate Chunk is an Indica strain as potent as it is flavorful. While many strains might sacrifice some of their quality for a fancy set of taste and aromas, TH Seeds bred Chocolate Chunk from Afghani landrace genetics to be just as alluring for its relaxing effects as its chocolate and coffee notes. Experienced marijuana consumers will note how quickly this Indica strain takes effect. With its fast-acting, full-body relaxation this strain is perfect for days when not much needs to get done.

Tests have this strain’s THC content anywhere between 10-16% with some outlier levels closer to 22%. These levels, combined with its Chocolate Chunk’s Indica lineage make it a nice option for medical marijuana patients. In high enough doses, this strain can help patients suffering from insomnia thanks to its heavy sedative effects. The anti-inflammatory properties of THC make this a great strain for marijuana consumers who deal with headaches, migraines or other pain. This strain can also offer short-term relief from psychological conditions such as depression, PTSD and depression.





Average Yield

1.3 ounces per square foot

Average Height

3-4 feet

Grow Difficulty



Carene – Sweet, Pungent
Eucalyptol – Spice
Terpinolene – Wood

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