Christian Book Distributors Was Forced to Change Its Name Because of CBD Customers

Christian Book Distributors is sick and tired of receiving calls for the cannabis-derivative products CBD and not its books…

One could say, that the American CBD craze has reached biblical proportion. According to the New York Times, a bible seller by the name of Christian Book Distributors has been forced to change its name because of the recent CBD explosion. The company, which has been known for decades by the initials CBD, admits that its everyday operations have entered the realm of the bizarre ever since the popular cannabis-derivative took the nation by storm. Owner Ray Hendrickson says legions of people have been calling the company’s hotline to inquire about their CBD orders. But instead of bibles and other religious materials, these folks are trying to track down the hemp products that they have been told holds the key to wellness.


According to owner Ray Hendrickson :

A person may call up and say, ‘Hey, I’m looking for my order, It’s like, What did you order? Oh, I ordered gummies. You don’t have the right company.

No doubt, the CBD scene is loud and confusing. But perhaps the most funny aspect of this story is why all of these random customers think that calling a company with the number 1-800-CHRISTIAN is going to help them track their missing CBD products, and visiting, a website owned by Hendrickson, does not provide a line of communication to every CBD company in the country.

Hendrickson and his brother started the company in 1978, when they were teenagers, out of their parents’ Massachusetts home and it grew to become the world’s largest seller of Christian products. The successful company has been referred to as CBD for many years and even used the initial on several products — until the cannabis craze and popularity of CBD started inhibiting their online search results.

“Going forward, we will operate under the name of ‘Christianbook.'”

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