Common Myths About Growing Marijuana that Everyone Thinks Are True

There are a lot of common myths and misconceptions that plague the internet and have been spread around for years as gospel. If you don’t want to find yourself conducting unnecessary or potentially harmful experiments on your investment than we suggest you take a moment to glance over these most common misconceptions surrounding the do’s and don’ts of growing marijuana.

Any novice can put seed to soil and still get results. However, many potential growers are put off by the intimidating nature of some of the myths surrounding the art. So let’s take a look at some, and show them for what they are.

Outdoor Growing Conditions Can’t Produce Top-Shelf Cannabis


For thousands of years, cannabis was exclusively an outdoor-grown plant, and exceptional flower was cultivated successfully under the sun in places as diverse as Afghanistan, Jamaica, Panama, and Malawi. Unfortunately, the advent of cannabis’s Schedule I classification forced growers to either adopt substandard outdoor growing conditions or move their grows indoors altogether to avoid being discovered.

The idea that outdoor growers can’t produce top-shelf product is patently untrue. This myth sprouted when outdoor cannabis, vulnerable to law enforcement efforts, had to be harvested, cured, and shipped in sub-optimal circumstances to avoid discovery. Outdoor grows, more difficult to hide than their indoor counterparts, were frequently harvested early for fear of raids; the curing process was often cut similarly short; and buds were packed tightly into shipping containers or car trunks for surreptitious transport. Thus, the sad, squashed outdoor buds that made their way to end consumers earned a bad reputation.

These same constraints do not apply to legally grown flower sold by licensed producers in the cannabis industry today. With the right genetics, expertise, and attention to detail, outdoor and indoor growers alike can produce top-shelf products.

It Takes A Lot Of Money To Grow Good Bud

This is one of the annoying myths about growing cannabis and is probably responsible for putting off more potential grower than any other. Of course, growing indoors can be more costly than growing outdoors, as you need some equipment, but this equipment doesn’t have to be top of the line to get good results. For the hobby grower looking to cultivate one or two plants, it is possible to pick up relatively cheap indoor starter packs which include a small grow tent, a grow light, and all of the other bits and bobs you need. The cost of these kits are still far cheaper than regularly buying weed from a dealer, and once you have one, all you need are seeds, soil, water and time.

This brings us nicely onto outdoor growing. If you can find a nice private spot to grow your weed, there are no additional costs what so ever. Apart from the watering and occasional feeding, you can leave the rest up to nature.

You Can Tell The Sex Of Your Plant By Looking At The Seeds


Since only female cannabis plants produce buds, most growers are very interested in knowing the gender of their plants! It would be incredibly convenient if there was a way to look at cannabis seeds and be able to definitively identify the gender. As appealing as that idea is, there just isn’t a consistent way to visually identify the sex of cannabis seeds.

The Gender Of A Marijuana Plant Can Be Determined By The Number Of Leaf Points

This is quite simply not true. Gender can be told as early as 4-6 weeks when the plants first develop pre-flowers. Females produce delicate white tendrils, while males display a decidedly telling miniature banana with beads below it.

Flushing Marijuana Plants Is Necessary

A lot of even the most experienced cannabis growers will introduce an official flushing period to their scheduled grow period immediately before harvest. This generally takes place for two weeks before the plants have fully matured. Though flushing a plant can help to rid it of some impurities, the most important thing to remember is to avoid fertilizing at all during the last two weeks of a plant’s life. Flushing will not remove high levels of chemicals that may impact flavor on its own, only waiting it out will give it time to utilize those nutrients before harvest.

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Good Genetics Guarantee High Potency


Potency is affected by many factors. Genetics are important.But remember: there are thousands of strains available these days. Some are intentionally lower in THC (especially high CBD medical strains) while others are variable.If potent pot is your goal, start with good quality genes and then practice solid basic grow techniques. Healthy plants produce the most potent buds.To find the best quality seeds, check out our favorite seedbanks.

Outdoor-Grown Cannabis is Less Flavorful

Outdoor flower can be as terpene-rich as indoor, if not more so. Furthermore, indoor flower is incapable of demonstrating the unique aroma and flavor profiles imparted by cannabis terroir – the culmination of various factors specific to a growing location, including soil, elevation, climate, and more. With the rise of the “cannassieur,” terroir is becoming more and more important to consumers selecting flavorful top-shelf bud, and the unique nuances of flavor imparted by the earth can only be detected in outdoor-grown herb.

Cannabis Plants Need Big Pots And Lots Of Space

Cannabis plants can grow big, and it’s generally advised to use pots of at least 20l to get a decent harvest. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to grow plants in smaller pots.

Cannabis can grow in pots as small as 10l. Note that your plants will obviously produce smaller yields than if they were in bigger pots, but you can still produce a fair amount of bud with a few plants in 10l pots. You can also use pruning and training techniques to control and maximise the growth of your plants in these smaller containers.

More Nutrients Will Make A Plant Grow Faster


Marijuana plants do need much higher levels of nutrients than many other plant species, and if they aren’t fed properly, it will result in a wilt-y, discolored, and underdeveloped plant that won’t give you a very good harvest as far as size and potency are concerned. The thing is that too many nutrients can actually have the opposite effect on cannabis plants by burning and damaging or even killing them. It’s called a nutrient burn, and once it occurs, it can be incredibly difficult for a plant to recover fully. Adding too many nutrients during the flowering stage can also result in an awful tasting bud. Often, they are forever damaged by this mistake, so there is most definitely a thing as too many nutrients.

Adding Fruit Juice Will Enhance Flavour

This is a very common, and often costly myth. Never add fruit juice to your cannabis, if anything it is likely to kill them. It is understandable that growers want to enhance the flavour of their final bud, but more often than not, it causes more harm than good.

Bagseed Is Great For Beginners


“Bagseed” refers to a collection of random cannabis seeds that have been found in marijuana buds. Because they are seen as disposable, many think they are an excellent learning tool for novices. However, bagseed often contains extremely inferior seeds, resulting in poor growing, stunted, and even hermaphrodite plants. This is likely to put off novice growers more than anything – as it makes them think they don’t have what it takes, when actually, they are limited by their seeds. If you want something you can learn with, and that will put up with novice mistakes, you need to get seeds with high-quality genetics. This doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive you can find either. There are many entry level seeds out there, with high-quality genetics, from reputable seedbank.

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