Convicted Sex Offender with “Pot Head” Forehead Tattoo Is Wanted By The Police

Ohio police are on the hunt for a convicted sex offender with a tattoo of a marijuana leaf plastered on his forehead, with the words “Pot Head” on either side.

51-year-old Douglas Perry Christopher has a tattoo of a marijuana leaf in the middle of his forehead. His eyebrows have been shaved off and replaced with tattoos of joints whose smoke rises to the words “Pot Head” above it all.

The 5-foot-10, 230-pound felon is a registered Tier III sex offender and required to register with the sheriff’s office every 90 days.

Christopher was convicted of sexual battery in March 2010 and released from prison in October 2013, records show. He has served 3 years in prison almost 10 years ago. Ohio police are looking for him because he failed to register.

According to the Police, the last known address was in the southeastern Ohio city of Belpre, right next to the state’s border with West Virginia.

In addition to his weed tattoos, Christopher has the phrase “Lone Wolf” tattooed across his fingers.

They urge anyone who sees him to not approach him and immediately phone police.

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