Cooking With Cannabis Doesn’t Always Have To End With You High

For new cannabis users there’s more ways to medicate than ever. Not that long ago, most people’s experience with cannabis was little more than asking a friend to get a nondescript bag of buds from that friend with a hookup. Now, there’s a wide range of products available from dried flower to transdermal patches to chewing gum, sodas, oils, tinctures and of course, edibles.

Ask any average person walking down the street about the first they think of when you say the word ‘edible’ and they’ll probably say something like pot brownies. So much has changed in the world of edibles in recent years. You could fill a grocery store with all the different cannabis-infused foods that are now available. And classically trained chefs are getting into the weed industry as well using their understanding of complimenting flavors to make cannabis a feature ingredient.

It’s important to note, cooking with cannabis or eating cannabis doesn’t always mean getting high. More often than not, that’s true. However, the more we learn about other compounds in the plant like CBD or CBG, the more we’re learning to work with these non-psychoactive compounds to get them into our bodies orally.

For medical marijuana patients, cooking with cannabis can combine the joy of cooking with the health benefits of medicating. Take my own mother for example. She suffers from multiple sclerosis. It took some looking around, but we finally found a CBD oil that helps her.

Her neurologist was even a bit surprised at how well medical marijuana was helping relieve her pain, help her sleep better at night an improved her overall mood. In 35 years of battling M.S., medical marijuana has turned out to be the best medicine she’s taken.

That’s where cooking with cannabis becomes interesting. Edibles make up almost half of all cannabis sales in states where it’s legal. The majority of edibles are designed to get the user high, but more cannabis chefs are experimenting with different form of cannabis that uses CBD oils and strains in their food.

CBD often appears on the market as an oil. We like to think of it like olive oil but with a different taste. It can be used in most cooking applications where olive oil would be used, or it could even be mixed in with olive oil.

Unlike THC, the compound in cannabis that gets you high, CBD does not need to be activated with heat. There’s a whole new way to medicate with cannabis via food, and more foodies are starting to understand the new ways to cook with cannabis.

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