Crazy Things People Do To Pass A Cannabis Drug Test

Passing a drug test can be stressful. Although there’s always the option of taking a break, some just cannot go a day without their beloved herb. So, how can you avoid failing without ditching your ganja? Of course, there’s always the option of drinking lots of water to flush your system. However, some choose to take extreme measures to beat a drug test. From fake penises to guzzling down bleach, here are 3 crazy things people do to pass a drug test.

Drinking bleach

If you even think this is remotely close to being safe, then you might have a larger problem on your hands besides passing a drug test. Do not EVER drink bleach, for any reason.As a result of guzzling down Clorox, you can severely damage your esophagus as well as your stomach. People say it’ll cleanse your urine, but that’s entirely false, obviously.

The Whizzinator

As can be seen, this method looks rather, um, interesting. In a nutshell, The Whizzinator is a fake penis that shoots out synthetic urine. In fact, it also comes in different colors. This way, your replacement private part can match the color of your skin.

CUPID mini kit

CUPID, in particular, is the first-ever female urine substitution device. Apparently, this awkward little instrument goes up your hoohaa. After removing one of the caps, or both, your synthetic urine comes pouring out. It may seem bizarre, but it’s actually quite popular, according to the Sexxi Showers website.

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