Diamond OG Cannabis Strain

THC 18%
CBD 1%

Diamond OG is a high-quality Indica. It’s descended from the classic OG Kush, although it’s unclear whether it’s a cloned phenotype, or strained with another Indica. Regardless, the effects are clear: a tranquilizing, sedative, hypnotic body high that’s great for pain relief or just recreational intoxication. Its flavor is surprisingly refreshing for a Kush. Diamond OG is a highly-reviewed fan favorite marijuana. It does one thing very well: a satisfying, long-lasting body high. This is what you’d expect from a descendant of OG Kush. Some say it’s a straight phenotype of its parent, whereas others say it’s the child of OG Kush and another unknown Indica. Ultimately, though, that’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is that this is quite powerful weed, at 15-22% THC, and it definitely has strong medicinal potential. The name of the game here is sedation. This cannabis will forcefully chill you out and give you a warm, gentle mood. It’s so calming that there are reports of autistic patients using it to treat chronic anger. The look of this cannabis is classic Kush. Dark green buds are covered in brown and reddish pistils, accompanied by a thick, glittery coating of clear trichomes. They’re also quite sticky.

This strain isn’t just a fan favorite amongst recreational consumers. Medical marijuana patients treasure this strains potent medicinal effects as well. This medical cannabis strain has very strong and long-lasting analgesic effects that may benefit sufferers of chronic pain. It’s sedative effects may be of assistance in treating insomnia, especially for patients who are kept up at night by pain issues. Relaxation and euphoria may be helpful for medical marijuana patients dealing with stress issues as well as milder forms of depression.


Pain Relief



Average Yield

Indoor: 510 g/m2 Outdoor: 450 g/plant

Average Height

6+ feet

Grow Difficulty



Carene – Sweet, Pungent
Eucalyptol – Spice

  • 78


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