Did You Ever Wonder Which Country Smokes The most Weed per Citizen? – USA Took The Lead Recently

45% of USA citizens say they’ve tried cannabis, with 12% admitting to regular use.

The last poll, conducted with over 1,000 respondents from all 50 US states, found that 45% of American adults said that they had tried weed at some point in their lives, while 12% said that they are current users.

When Gallup first started their cannabis use study in 1969 only 4% of US citizens said they had experimented with cannabis, and the number has been growing steadily ever since.

If this trend continues, it wont be long before a majority of US citizens will have tried cannabis at some poin. And with current weed use rates at 12% and cigarette smokers making up only 17% of the population, it might not be long before weed overtakes big tobacco in popularity.

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