Different Cannabis Strains for Different Kinds of Pain Relief

Cannabis is a natural alternative for pain relief that is being consumed by many individuals throughout the world to address the pain that they live with daily. when it comes to using cannabis for pain relief, not all strains are created equal. Some cannabis strains are wonderful for daytime, but will leave you tossing and turning at night. Others will ease inflammation, headaches, neuropathic pain, muscle soreness, spinal injury, fibromyalgia, or cramps.

Let’s take a look at the top strains that are effective in treating different kinds of pain and get seeds below!

Generalized Pain Relief

  • ACDC, one of the most effective painkilling strains out there due to its one-two punch of cannabinoids CBD and THC.
  • Blueberry Kush is a hybrid strain that features a blueberry aroma and dark green buds and has been widely used as part of a pain management regimen.
  • Another strain that’s been getting attention when it comes to generalized pain is the Auto White Widow. The strain is also helpful for those suffering from insomnia and depression.


  • To treat migraines, Grand Daddy Purple is an indica strain that delivers cerebral euphoria to relieve headaches.
  • Similarly, many migraine sufferers swear by the pain-relieving properties of Blue Dream. This hybrid strain can ease the user into cerebral invigoration and body relaxation.
  • If you’re prone to headaches so bad that you throw up, you will quickly find an ally in Dream Queen.

Inflammation and Arthritis

  • Master Kush has been doing wonders for patients suffering from arthritic pain. This strain provides a visual high before gradually providing full-body relaxation.
  • Cerebrally-focused sativa strains aren’t typically a first choice for patients treating pain and inflammation, but Harlequin‘s high-CBD content makes it an exception.
  • Also used for arthritis, AK-47 is a popular strain with a high THC content. This sativa-dominant strain provides alertness along with pain relief.


  • Redwood Kush is known to deliver a woody forest aroma alongside hefty amounts of THC to help ease muscle cramping.
  • Dynamite is another high-THC indica strain that blows pain and cramping out of the water.
  • Blueberry Diesel effects tend to be happy and relaxing but not too overwhelming, making this a popular choice for many kinds of patients.

Spinal Injury Pain

  • Cataract Kush is a heavy-hitting hybrid. This strain’s potency may not be for the novice consumer, but it’s perfect for patients needing a strain that can expertly annihilate pain associated with spinal injury.
  • Khalifa Kush is also a good option for those who want to be up and running all throughout the day, as it provides an energy boost. This medical cannabis also leaves the patient with distinct cerebral buzz to help alleviate the pain.
  • Patients suffering from spinal injury will like the euphoria-inducing effect of Purple Haze. This purplish plant has green and orange undertones with an earthy smell.

Strains That Will Help You Sleep

  • With effects that tend to be heavier than your average OG Kush hybrid, Tahoe OG is a godsend for insomniacs.
  • Afghan Kush, following in suit, is cherished for its ability to knock out pain, hush anxious thoughts, and anchor the body to one single goal: sleep.
  • God’s Gift is indeed a gift to insomnia sufferers. All that stress keeping you up at night feels suddenly overpowered by a surefooted sense of peace.

Neuropathic Pain

  • A well-grown Jack Herer is full of natural painkillers. THC is just one of the analgesics in this strain. The others? You guessed it. Terpenoid nutrients.
  • SuperBud – he nearly “narcotic” buzz this strain provides is caused by the strong pain fighting and brain-boosting compounds produced by this flower.
  • Jack Flash will help you stay pain-free, clear-headed and uplifted throughout your daily routine. Not only is this strain a painkiller and neuro-protector, but it’s been shown to have antitumor and inflammation effects to help keep your brain healthy and your body free of pain.
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