Don’t Waste Your Lungs On Bad Quality Cannabis

It’s important to know the difference between good quality weed and bad quality weed. If you smoke bad quality weed you can really hurt yourself.

Important Factors For Good Cannabis

  • It has an uplifting effect

Good weed has an uplifting effect. You feel like you have new energy. Suddenly great ideas come into your mind and you don’t know where they came from. .Some great music and paintings have been created under the influences of marijuana.

  • It has a great flavour

Good buds will have a nice, fruity flavour. Good weed tastes fresh. If it tastes off, it’s bad weed and you shouldn’t smoke it. To make cannabis taste good, you need to select a strain that is known for its fruity flavour.

  • No coughing when smoking

Good cannabis won’t make you cough when you smoke it. Some people smoke Marijuana together with tobacco. Others smoke it pure without tobacco. If you put tobacco into it, it hurts your throat and you might cough. It seems like the human lung can get used to both smoking habits. With or without tobacco.

Generally, to make weed easy to smoke it needs to be cured properly. That means most of the green leaves in the buds need to be removed. Those green leaves are the number one cause for a harsh smoke. Read more about curing Marijuana here. It also need to be dried slowly. The slower it dries, the more of the existing chlorophyll (green color) will be removed from the material. Chlorophyll can be harsh when smoked. Be aware that Marijuana that dries too slow might tend to mould.  Of course, there is another smart group of users: The Vaporizers. They do not have any smoke. Just steam. This is an awesome smoking method for everyone who does not like smoke.

  • The nice smell

Good weed smells nice. You can smell really dank bud through the bag. Bunk weed smells like hay so avoid it and remember. This smell is caused by aromatic oils inside the weed. The slower the weed has been dried and the longer it has been stored (up to approximately 8 month), the better the smell will be.

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