Drivers Using Cannabis in Germany Will No Longer Immediately Lose driving licence

Countries have struggled with how to contend with cannabis-intoxicated driving. Roadside saliva tests, can detect the presence of THC in a user’s system for long after its psychoactive effects have worn off.

In Germany according to new ruling those caught with one nanogram per millimetre of THC in bloodstream face medical evaluation.

A federal court in Leipzig ruled the licensing authority must now first determine, with a medical evaluation, whether the marijuana user is fit to drive, daily newspaper Deutsche Welle reported. German law stated that a driver’s licence could be revoked if they could not drive due to the consumption of alcohol or other drugs, and those caught with one nanogram per millimetre of THC in their bloodstream faced the instant loss of their licence.

A group of experts proposed in 2015 to increase the limit to three nanograms per millimetre because THC can remain in the bloodstream days after a person consumes cannabis. But on Tuesday the Leipzig Federal Administrative Court ruled the limit should stay the same.

Before the ruling, anyone caught having so much as a nanogram per mm of THC  in one’s blood while operating a motor vehicle was subject to the cancellation of their licence on the spot.

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