Dutch Treat Cannabis Strain

THC 18% CBD 0.2%

Over the years, Dutch Treat has become an essential strain of the Amsterdam coffee shops. The dense, sticky buds have an intense smell of sweet fruits mixed with pine and eucalyptus trees.

You’ll find Dutch Treat on many coffee shop menus in Amsterdam, but this strain is popular in the U.S. and Canada alike. Expect an easygoing, indica-dominant high from this hybrid.
Dutch Treat may be popular in Amsterdam coffee shops, but rumor has it this strain originated in Vancouver, British Columbia. Whether or not that’s true, this strain is fairly popular around Europe, Canada, and the United States alike. An all around great hybrid, it’s difficult not to like this easygoing indica-dominant herb. Though this strain is sedative, you probably won’t feel glued to the couch. In fact, many patients find this strain effective for combatting fatigue as well as insomnia. Dutch Treat’s happy, euphoric, and mood-lifting qualities may be responsible for these contradictory claims. You’re likely to experience a gentle mental uplift with significant heavy-body effects. Dutch Treat is a great strain for a lazy day at home or with friends. Patients with arthritis, migraine, and neuropathic pain tend to enjoy this hybrid. Anyone suffering from chronic stress, PTSD, or ADD/ADHD may find relief with Dutch Treat as well.





Average Yield

Moderate: 350 g/m2 indoors, 230 g/plant outdoors

Average Height

Short: 3.5 feet

Grow Difficulty



Caryophyllene – Pepper
Humulene – Hops
Limonene – Lemon
Pinene – Pine

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