Eating These Foods Will Increase Your Marijuana High

There is actually food out there that, when paired with your stoned ass, will make you further feel the effects of THC.

So when you’re deciding on what to cook or where to eat out tonight, remember that food is worth more than just a pleasant flavor. In fact, there are some that can take your high to the next level.

The human brain contains receptors that are specifically designed to link up with cannabinoids, the active chemicals in cannabis. This has led scientists to hypothesize that humans and cannabis evolved alongside one another. In other words, weed is our plant ally, a fact that seems pretty obvious to most people who use it. There are around 400 cannabinoids: some of them make us goofy, others reduce inflammation or counteract pain, give us feelings of euphoria, or make us hungry.

Mango & Mango Juice


Mango juice and weed are often talked about together. So, does mango intensify your high? The good news is that the chemicals within mangoes tend to pair up with marijuana in order to make your high longer and even stronger. If you are looking for foods that get you high, mango may be the closest you get.

If you get some cravings when you’re high, it’s important to not always go for the takeout! Mango is healthy too, so try some mango juice to boost your high.


The dish is heavy on herbs, spice and good fats sending your terpene stock so high that your brains have no choice but to follow. iStock / Getty Images Plus

Eating a curry, particularly a rich, coconut milk Thai curry, is one of the most synergistic things you can eat before smoking. The dish is heavy on herbs, spice and good fats sending your terpene stock so high that your brains have no choice but to follow. Estragole, found in basil and mint, mingle with myrcene from lemongrass and limonene from lime. This combination of chemicals means you get more mileage out of the cannabis you consume. But beware: An edible wolfed before this creamy delight feels can sometimes twice as strong.


Who knew eating your vegetables could help intensify your high? Broccoli is particularly high in the terpene Beta-caryophyllene, which binds to CB2 receptors in a similar way to the myrcene in mangoes. This primes the receptors, making them more responsive to THC. The result is a more intense, longer-lasting high. It can also work synergistically with cannabis to reduce anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. For this reason, broccoli makes an excellent accompaniment for cannabis indica consumption, as it can increase the mellow, relaxing properties of the herb.

Like mangoes, broccoli is most effective when consumed about an hour before intake of cannabis. Have some with dinner before tucking in for an evening joint, bowl, or vape session. Hate the taste of broccoli? Try roasting it in the oven with some olive oil and herbs (more on which to use in a moment) or, if all else fails, dousing steamed broccoli in cheese sauce.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are proven to help put people better moods, thanks to vitamin E and B vitamins that increase the serotonin production in the brain.

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If you’re one of those people who always thinks about depressing sh*t when they’re high, like the one who got away or taxes, then sweet potatoes are for you!

When paired with marijuana, you will feel happy AF, definitely not sad and ready to roll another one up.


Chocolate has a chemical compound that makes us feel blissful, and this same compound is also found in cannabis, and naturally occurring in the brain. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this is pretty good evidence that something, somewhere, loves us very much. When consumed together, the chocolate helps the weed activate the brain receptors that produce feelings of euphoria. This works by eating chocolate prior to smoking, and also for edibles, which is why a lot of people report better effects from weed-infused chocolate bars than from other special treats. Just be sure to stock up on non-infused chocolate treats prior to indulging, to prepare for an inevitable case of the munchies, like these slutty brownies.


Nuts are good for you in general, but they can also help the marijuana effects. The fatty acids within attach to the cannabinoids and they can make you high quicker as well as helping it to last longer. Snack on nuts throughout your high.

Herbs and spices

Some herbs (such as thyme, sage and bay) contain the terpene, pinene, a natural bronchodilator that opens up passages in the lungs thus increasing surface level and cannabinoid absorption. In doing so, cannabinoids can pass between the blood and the brain more quickly thus speeding the onset and increasing the duration of a marijuana high.

Other herbs (specifically, those containing the terpene limonene) can counter negative side effects of cannabis consumption by decreasing anxiety, depression and stress. Herbs that contain limonene, including Lemon Thyme, Lemon Basil or Lemongrass, can easily be grown in a sunny windowsill for quick anxiety relief. Black pepper can also help decrease mental stress.

Beer and Tea

Drinking beer when you’re high ultimately just makes you feel insane, but if that’s the next level you were looking for, it is a great way to turn up.

Scientifically speaking, a study performed by Clinical Chemistry proved that people who were both drunk and high had a much higher blood THC level.

If you’re not trying to get toohigh, drink some tea, which contains antioxidants that bind with cannabinoid receptors to improve your mood and relaxation levels.


Coffee is another substance that is full of antioxidants so it can enhance your high by having an impact on the cannabinoids. As you will know, coffee can also make you feel more alert and awake, so if you are the sort of person who falls asleep when you’re high but you want to stay awake then coffee could be even more of a lifesaver than it already is!


Foods that are strong in flavor and scent are driven by the same chemicals that make weed do its thing. There are a variety of different foods you can use to modify and enhance your experience with cannabis. Whether you’re enjoying a bowl before bed to aid sleep, consuming cannabis to ease chronic pain, or simply using the herb recreationally, there are natural steps you can take to intensify the aspects of your cannabis experience that are most desirable to you while minimizing any unpleasant side effects.

There are over 100 terpenes present in the cannabis plant alone, so try different foods for yourself and pay attention to how they affect your high.

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