Elementary School Teachers Arrested for Smoking Pot on School Property

If you’re a veteran stoner, you probably have fond—and also terrifying—memories of smoking up at school. Maybe you snuck out to your car at lunchtime or maybeee you used a good old fashioned roll of toilet paper and tried to blow the smoke through a window in the dingy school bathroom. Hey, we’re not judgin.

But what if you had found out that all that time you were discretely trying to hide weed from your teachers, your teachers were trying to hide weed from you too? Well, turns out that was the case, at least at one school in Virginia. Three elementary school teachers—two of whom were suspended in December—got caught lighting up in the P.E. office before classes each morning. Then, they allegedly tried to cover up the smell using air freshener (seriously?).

“As educators, we are obviously shocked and dismayed by this news, and our first concern has been for our students,” the principal wrote to parents after the discovery. Everyone seems quite concerned the kids will be scarred.

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