Everything You Need To Know About Reggies

You may be wondering: What are reggies? Reggie is the one that sets the rookies on fire. Every smoking pro knows about Reggie Weed but not everyone is a pro. Here are some of the facts about this family of smoke. So, what are reggies? Simply put, it’s another way to refer to low-quality cannabis. The shortened word for reggies is regs. With some guidance, you can use your senses to tell whether or not someone is selling regs for the price of quality buds.

Some people say reggies are regular weed and others say it’s close to the lowest quality bud you can find. When we say quality, we mean potency, smell, and even appearance. It is comparable to schwag weed, which is cheap low-quality cannabis.

Expect more stems and seeds than an average dispensary pick-up. You won’t be stunting your reggies on Instagram unless it’s your first day smoking weed. We’ll teach you how to tell if there are reggies in your bag, so you don’t get roasted on the ‘gram.


It is grown poorly and fertilized so it produced seeds. When the female plant produces seed it puts some of the “energy” that would have gone into the buds and THC production into producing seeds which causes the quality to decrease. When making your joint be sure to be great filterer because the seeds cause a very nauseated effect.


Certainly not the best tasting weed, it is more of herby when it comes to taste. The taste is not quite smoky or the regular weedy flavor but is more of grassy. You feel like having an expired gum. You’d probably want to forget the taste after smoking it.


Since it doesn’t get you too high you can just have it and enjoy the mild high it gives. Not the most potent but it kind of does the job. Easy to get and cheap, no wonder it’s the most common type of weed available.


The color differs from Dark green or even brown: The Color of the leaves is generally green but range from darker greens to even brown. So the next time you sort Reggie you know it. Often the colors of all weeds are similar but Reggie has a peculiar dark shade.


Since, Reggie is not so strong you develop a tolerance towards the smoke in meantime. That does mean after 10-12 times of Reggie you block the effects.


THC is the prime cause that you get high with the shit you smoke. Basically, THC is the heaven you’re looking for and Reggie has very little of it. Reggie has a THC content of just around 2% and for a comparison people who are barely 18 regular do 25% of THC. The low concentration certainly means you’re not getting a good high anytime soon.


Reggie weed is grown directly in the field unlike hydro which can even be grown in your garage. Reggie growing can occur around your backyards if you can trick the cop’s. You may also end up as Pablo Escobar of weeds. They’re from the most common types of strain available so there’s no telling your weed was plucked out from the plants growing out homelessly out on the streets.

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When it comes to potency, THC is the main ingredient and Reggie has very less of it. Reggie can last for a very less time compared to other higher quality strains. The effects are mild and most of the smokers don’t even feel it.It just lacks the bite of what real high feels like.


At last, It’s a C grade weed that smells like a skunk and you don’t even get enough high with this. You’re just wasting time on this and if you’re spending money on it then you should certainly stop. You probably want to contact your dealer for a higher quality one or just quit than to smoke this.

Now that you know how to identify reggies you can avoid them or at least pay a fair price for it. We’d rank reggies above “schwag” and below “mids.”

Schwag can be an untended wild weed plant picked from nature. Mids aren’t as potent or smelly as high-grades, but they’re passable with some visible trichomes and a lighter green color than reggies. Know what you’re smoking, so you don’t get stuck with low-grade bud.

source: http://www.10zap.com/

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