Facebook Censorship on Cannabis – Multiple Strikes on the same post – And how you will lose your profile, page or group


Everyone knows the bit in The Matrix when Neo achieves digital messiah status and suddenly sees “reality” for what it really is: lines of trailing green code.

What Facebook’s image outage from couple of days reveals, how the company’s AI stores your images

The pictures include a message reading “image may contain”. It then goes on to list the things that Facebook’s artificial intelligence systems have spotted inside the images, and even occasionally attempts to guess which people are in them.

They can be seen on Mark Zuckerberg’s own profile, for instance – which mostly loads as normal, but contains a series of errors in the “Photos” 

When Facebook tries to show you on its press release, how good it’s AI really is

At its annual developers conference on Wednesday, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer discussed how the social media giant is able to leverage visual AI to spot “policy-violating content,” including advertisements to sell cannabis on the platform. He explained the process by comparing images of the fried vegetable next to marijuana buds, which he described as the “most benign possible example” of prohibited content he could find.

So now you wonder how this plays on our example.

When your Cannabis related page and your personal account starts getting Strikes, for no reason

In the last couple of days we started receiving community standards notifications violations for posting a meme like example below. This meme goes against violating nudity and sexual activity standards.

This is another example we got strikes for. This one was for violating drugs, firearms and violence standards:

On the previously mentioned examples we could appeal and the strikes were removed. We kept print screens to prove our claims, because after those strikes and appealing against them, all the notifications usually disappear from support inbox. Thank God we can make printscreens!

How can you get 2 strikes from Facebook for same post

This event played out today. Without any notification yet another meme shown below was removed, then reposted, but facebook left us with 2 page strikes for community standards violations. We do think this was a satire and not a sexual act depiction…

This is an anti’weed add from the Reefer Madness that was popular in the 60’s and made it in to a meme. In 2019 for Facebook it is sexually explicit and shows nudity and sexual activity…

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Our Facebook page got 2 strikes for the same post without the ability to appeal, and one of the admins of the page got a total ban from posting on Facebook.

If you didn’t know… strain descriptions of more prominent strains such as White Widow can’t even be posted on Facebook. To us it seems like Facebook is deliberately trying to remove any cannabis content and shut down FB pages, giving them strikes and lowering reach of their audience because of such (imaginary) community standard violations.

Another example of what Facebook is doing, is this news article that we published on our platform and later shared it on facebook.


Within seconds after posting the article, we got this message:

Seems like other users have the same problems, if they post in particular groups

we have found multiple Facebook users reports of having the same problems if they post to particular facebook groups that should be private. They het violations for text posts even when not using the blacklisted words…

So what is the best thing you can do now, to help cannabis movement?

  • First thing I would say is inform your friends, family and all the cannabis activists you know, what is really playing out by sharing the artice
  • For our loyal supporters, readers and Zenpype community members who like and read our articles and the content we create and would still like to connect with each other, we highly recommend that they join our growing Zen family on https://social.zenpype.com/global-wall, our independent online community, you can register here. No sensitive information required (no names, surnames or addresses…). It has almost the same functionality as Facebook, without all the drama Facebook is doing. And without the adds, because it seems that we will get shut down sooner or later.

Update 7.7.2019

We managed to get 7 Facebook strikes for one picture. The picture was shadow banned and reinstated 7 times. Facebook AI or workers behind it managed to change how they interpret their standards 7 times in a different way. Facebook removed 2 strikes for one administration profile, another administration profile got 5 strikes and was taken the rights to publish anything on facebook for 24 hours, as of today the same administrator lost rights to publish on our FB page. We are now just waiting if this escalates in our Facebook page being unpublished.

Update 12.7.2019

Its pretty hard to work on something and grow your social presence for 5 years and get a following of 70 000 fans and then loose it ower a Facebook algorithm.

As from today – july 12 2019, our facebook page zenpype has been unpublished. We recieved multiple notifications about violating community standards for several posts that Facebook has already revieved in the past month or so and where mistakenly labeled for wiolations, so they republished them back… Again we got multiple strikes on each post. we send an apeal to Facebook but we have no hope of being published back, so we would like our loyal reader and community members to join our CANNABIS FRIENDLY SOCIAL COMMUNITY, where you can post pictures, videos and articles without the fear of being restricted or banned, or sign up for our mailing list to stay updated on our articles.

  • We don’t have subscription plans, nor do we lock our content or ask for donations readers who show their support with purchasing cannabis seeds and CBD products help us keep doing this. Thank you for your support and for helping us improve!

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