Find the Best Cannabis Experience For You

Access to legal cannabis is now available to more people than ever before, and with that access come options and opportunity. Navigating the vast array of strains, products, and consumption methods that legal markets are offering today can be a dizzying ordeal, as there isn’t a “one size fits all” cannabis experience that’s right for everyone.

Narrowing down the selection process can be the differentiating factor between an enjoyable cannabis experience and an overwhelming, negative interaction. Here are a few helpful hints to help you determine which strain, product, and consumption method may be ideal for you.

Ask Yourself a Few Questions

Before reaching out to anyone for help in personalizing your cannabis experience, ask yourself some preliminary questions as a vetting tool. This exercise will help to limit your options down to smaller groups of strains, products, and consumption methods.

  • What is your experience level with cannabis?

First-time users should most certainly consider this when choosing a means of consumption. For instance, dabbing a high-THC cannabis concentrate through a large rig is not a preferable consumption method for a beginner. Instead, newcomers may want to start off with small amounts of flower and/or a low-dose edible. If, however, you’re experienced with cannabis and are looking for a more potent delivery option, concentrates may be a preferred method.

  • Do you have a preference when it comes to things like combusted cannabis smoke or dietary restrictions?

This consideration can impact what delivery method you choose. If you’re worried about lung health or thick smoke odors, you may want to shy away from smoking cannabis via joints, bongs, or pipes, and instead opt for using vaporizers. If you’re counting calories or have food allergies, edibles may be a more difficult consumption method than flower or topicals.

  • Where will you be when enjoying this cannabis, and who will you be enjoying it with?

If you plan on going out and about with lots of people and you know that you can enjoy a highly active sativa, vaporizer pens are a perfect fit. On the contrary, a night snuggled in solitude may better benefit from a relaxing edible or infused bath product. If you’re sick, a tincture may be appealing. Need to be discreet? Infused candies, breath mints, and oral sprays work well.

  • Consult with a Local Budtender

Information in and of itself can be a labyrinth in disguise. There are thousands of distinct strain varietals indexed and numerous consumption options ranging from vaporizers to topicals and edibles, as well as a burgeoning product marketplace churning out new technology by the minute, make personalizing an experience with cannabis more complex of an endeavor than one may imagine. In fact, navigating your way through the options can be a full-time job.
And it is! Budtenders are your perfect ally when trying to narrow down the options. These industry professionals are there for one reason: to help you personalize your experience by eliminating the fear of the unknown. They’re trained to ask you questions in order to guide you through the jungle of options out there.

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