First Grocery Store Started to sell Weed In Portland

I’m already anxious about pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart distributing cannabis up in Canada. Something about a single enterprise selling both marijuana and maintaining what seems like a neverending sale on Oreos seems like a trap. But hey, a good idea is a good idea. And now, one dispensary in Portland is fleshing out the weed and munchies idea even more by slowly transforming itself into a bodega.

Usually, when your dispensary sells something edible, you expect it to be edibles. But at Jeffrey’s Flower and Oil you can pick up some chronic and nibble from a charcuterie board. Being a Portland store, Jeffrey’s sells local sodas and snacks. Alongside their gourmet noshes, they also sell pre-rolled joints.

“We wanted something new and fresh, something that would be different,” said Sam Watson, the owner of Jeffrey’s. “As a consumer myself, I love cannabis, I almost always go somewhere to get a tasty beverage. Let’s curate some stuff that’s made here in Portland.”

Opening last fall, Jeffrey’s is hoping to expand their operations into a neighborhood staple by the summer. This would include shaved ice in the parking lot, and even concerts. On top of the greenery, they’re looking to sell conventional produce. Your apples, oranges, bananas. They’re also hoping to let customers pre-order ‘picnic baskets,’ bundles of food and cannabis that you can pick up in person.

“You pay for it and walk out with whatever strains and food,” said Watson. “It’s like a grocery store, you can fill your cart up, put it in a Jeffrey’s picnic basket. You know, ‘I want some Lemon Sour Diesel, some prosciutto and some Cypress Grove cheese.’ Then you can go to the park.”

  • Talk about cannabis going main stream. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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