Free Marijuana: How To Get Cannabis For Free!

Getting free weed is probably a thought many stoners have. Gazillions of us are thinking about free weed. But, really, where to get it for free or almost for free? Whoever said that growing your own stash will provide you with free buds obviously had serious problems with logical thinking. Besides, growing marijuana depending on the way you’re doing it – indoors or outdoors – involves spending some money. And let’s be honest – getting free weed by being nice to other people is a short moment. Like an average joint short or a bowl short. So, here are some tips to get free marijuana and its products legally.

Events Celebrating Marijuana

Festivals for celebrating everything about weed take place all around the globe. For example, there’s National Cannabis Fest in Washington D.C, the 420 Rally in Denver, Spannabis in Barcelona, Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam, and many others. In addition, not only you can enjoy music, food, and communicating with like-minded people, but also – take part in different contests. And what else they could be giving away for free if not cannabis itself and weed related merch.

Marijuana Coupons

There’s a site describing itself as “the best place for finding coupons for free weed.” In short, it offers medical marijuana coupons “from the best collectives and dispensaries in the 17 states that have medical marijuana laws.” Their free stuff categories not only include free weed and joints, but also – edibles, and glass. Unfortunately, this opportunity is limited to U.S. citizens only.

Infused Edibles in Maine from the Cannabis Shack

A company in Maine, The Cannabis Shack, gives away cannabis-infused meals. But, because of certain laws, the catering service can’t sell its products. However, the founder of the company has found a legal loophole that allows to give the infused goodies away in exchange for a donation.

Community Volunteering in Colorado With Pothole Cannabis Club

If you like to volunteer, help communities and take care of the environment, rush out to Colorado Springs. The Pothole Cannabis Club has come up with a great way to keep the city clean. This club organizes clean-ups on a monthly basis on the west side of the city. In return, they hand out joints after the work. Getting high for free with a feeling of satisfaction is even better.

Volunteering in Cannabis Researches

Even though there are countless different contradictory studies on cannabis, researchers still continue to study the plant. Of course, every research has a different purpose. For example, you can get high for free while helping Washington State University to develop a more precise breathalyzer to detect THC. Or, you can also get high without breaking the bank by taking part in a research by German scientists about the effects of long-term marijuana use. Moreover, the second one sounds like a long-term project because these researchers will give each volunteer 30 grams of marijuana every month just to monitor the effects. In the end, what’s better than getting medicated for a noble cause?

Free Cannabis Samples in Cannabis Cups

With the cannabis industry expanding, cannabis cups have become very popular in the states where recreational and/or medicinal use of marijuana is legal. These events are full of vendors wanting to sell their stuff. Additionally, to attract potential clients they let you sample their weed for free. Getting high just can’t get better than this.

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