‘Fuck I missed’ or Cannabis Fimming Method

FIM or ‘Fuck I Missed’ is a pruning for yield method. Similar to topping, this technique involves removing a portion of the main stem. As the legend goes, the whole method was invented by accident when a grower botched a topping job. Fimming is like topping in that it forces the plant to grow extra colas. However, while topping will make the plant to grow two main colas, fimming usually creates 4. There are no special tools needed and with a little instruction anybody can do it, even new beginning growers . Even if you don’t get it quite right you will not hurt your plant or production.

The reason for fimming is simple. The first thing fimming does is severely retard the main stems growth.This is what we want and it is a good thing. With the main stems growth slowed down, the plant sends more growing energy to lower branches giving them time to grow as tall as the main stem, thus making more tops. Fimming also stimulates other branch sites near the top forcing them to explode with growth creating more bud sites and again more tops. With lower branches as tall as the top cola, and along with more top branches created, your plant has now developed a nice even canopy of 5 to 7 colas. Fimming not only increases branch, bud and cola production, but overall weight is also increased and the buds produced are a more consistent size.

How To FIM?

Select the growing tip at the very end of your stem or branch
Pull back the small fan leaves and hold the green tip between your thumb and forefinger
Remove the top 75% to 80% of the tip with a clean cut

To fim the plant, you simply pinch off the newest growth, or cut just the tips of the newest growth off, making sure to leave a bit behind. This is much less traumatic to the plant and will cause your plant to grow 4 main nodes. fiming causes the plant to grow very bushy, and the other nodes will becomes strengthened just like when topping.

It’s best to fim during vegetative growth. Whenever you clip parts away from your cannabis plants, they will be stressed and will need some time to recover from the pruning. This is the primary reason to prune prior to the onset of flowering.

You have a choice between pinching and snipping. It all comes down to what is the most comfortable style for the grower. If you prefer to prune with scissors, then stick with your sterile clippers.
It’s best to keep in mind that Fimming originated from an instance of inaccurate plant topping. Fimming is the process of removing approximately 75% of the tip from the main shoot. Pinching off the area between the fingertips allows more room for error and often results in a more successful fim.
Just make sure to fim during vegetative growth. Precisely when to fim is at the grower’s discretion. Take note plants will need about 1 week to recover and for the new growth to develop. Topping a cannabis plant neatly with scissors by completely removing the tip from the main shoot gives rise to two new main colas. Fimming usually gives rise to 4 new main colas. These numbers can vary slightly depending on strain and how much of the main stem was removed. Furthermore, the fim will also encourage the plant to bush out and fill lateral grow space too.

Fimming can be even more effective than topping for increasing the yield of cannabis plants. Obviously, 4 main shoots are more than 2. Furthermore, fimming seems to effect the auxin distribution in marijuana even more profoundly than topping. Plants that have been fimmed not only develop a greater number of tops but also branch more abundantly. Fimming is a very flexible pruning for yield method and can be blended into a mix of other training and pruning techniques for maximum yield. An early applied fim, as is preferred by US growers, is tremendously effective at transforming plants of any strain into squat branchy bushes. Plus the fim method can be applied multiple times until the grower is satisfied with the density of the weed bush.The greatest benefit of the fim method is that it’s forgiving. Accuracy is not the primary objective. A sloppy Topping can often turn out to be a fantastic multi-cola fim.


  • Super easy to do – you can’t really mess this one up
  • Noticeable increase to yields
  • Works extremely well with LST
  • Pinch it once, and the work is all done


  • None! In the worst case, you’ll have a plant with a few weird looking leaves that still function.

Fimming can be tried by all growers as nothing really happens if it isn’t done correctly. Go for it!

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