Fun and Fascinating Facts About THC

The history of THC dates back to 2727 BC, when records indicate that it was used by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung.

THC throughout history was used for various purposes by the ancient Romans and Greeks, and in the Middle East and throughout the Arabic lands down to North Africa.


Those of us who use marijuana know it is awesome and we love the fact that THC helps you relax, get high, and forget your troubles. For decades, growers have been breeding marijuana plants in order to get the highest THC levels ever – because for a time, all we knew about cannabis was that it was good for getting high. Although much has been written about marijuana, and THC specifically in recent times, there is still a lot that is unknown or little understood about the plant, including some really cool facts that you’ve likely never heard about before.

Over the years, however, legions of cannabis lovers, scientists, and historians have compiled an ever-growing array of marijuana facts.

Some of them are fascinating, some are funny, and some help debunk long-held myths about marijuana.

Pure THC

Currently, there is no form of 100 percent pure THC, but there’s something close – THC-A Crystalline.

While the majority of cannabis concentrates are anywhere from 50 to 80 percent THC, THC-A Crystalline is 99.9 percent pure THC extract.

THC Could Make You Smarter

This news is a bit of a kick in the teeth for the “marijuana will make you so dumb that you’ll vote for a Republican in California” brigade. Contrary to the propaganda which began way back in the awful Reefer Madness days, THC is potentially beneficial for your brain cells and also stimulates brain cell growth.

THC is already known as a neuroprotectant as it keeps your brain protected from inflammation, oxidative stress and other harmful things. Now, scientists believe that THC is actually capable of encouraging neurogenesis, which is otherwise known as the growth of new brain cells. In contrast, other drugs such as alcohol, ecstasy, and cocaine suppress neurogenesis.

In 2017, a small pilot study in Harvard was published that added further weight to the belief that cannabis could make you smarter. The initial study included 24 people, although only 11 returned after the three-month testing period was finished. All of them had medical marijuana cards for ailments that included chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

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The patients completed two cognitive tests at the beginning and end of the study: the Stroop Color Word Test and a Trail Making Test. After comparing the new scores to the scores that were taken three months previously, the study found that after a few months on weed, the participants scored better overall with fewer mistakes, and also completed the tests faster.

THC Molecule

The THC molecule is perfectly designed to bind to cannabinoid receptors already extant in the human brain.

The areas of the brain that contain cannabinoid receptors are associated with memory, coordination, pleasure, and perceptions of time.

You Can’t Die from a Weed Overdose

Unlike with alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and many other substances, there have been no reported deaths as a result of marijuana overconsumption. Ingesting too much THC can cause a racing heart, anxiety, and nausea – in short, It can make for a very uncomfortable few hours – but it’s never resulted in anyone dying.

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