Funny Cannabis Strain Names

Marijuana isn’t just known to give you that funny feeling after smoking or using, some of the strains that are currently available on the market come with the funniest names ever conceived. Some are somewhat absurd – out of this world, while some are just plainly interesting, funny and witty. Take a look at these funny strain names.

15. Purple Monkey Balls

As what the name of this strain suggests, Purple Monkey Balls comes with big, purple-colored, rounded shape buds. The nuggets also have a pleasant sweet grape and skunk smell, making it really potent, with several medicinal applications.

14. Green Crack

Less addictive, less dangerous and way more fun than normal crack. It is a one-of-a-kind strain that gives that focus and energy as it further induces that invigorating brain buzz that can help you get going throughout the entire day.

13. Cannasutra

CannaSutra’s mild yet mood elevating high tends to boost mental focus rather than derailing it, making this a good all-day smoke. It is particularly appropriate for those who like to toke when they sit down for a session of computer or graphic work, or for getting philosophical with friends. The strain’s name – from the Sanskrit love manual Kama Sutra – also suggests profound explorations between lovers. This is both easier and requires less flexibility than the Kama Sutra.

12. Poochie Love

Is it named after the famous Simpsons episode where Homer becomes the voice of “Poochie” on the Itchy and Scratchy Show? Maybe not, but we’ll pretend it is.  Poochie Love is a solid daytime choice. But save it for later in the day, because you might want a nap.

11. Dopium

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A+ pun name right here. It does not keep the drug friends or teenagers away. If you are wondering which to choose between dope and opium, why not explore both in this strain?

10. Afgooey

Afgooey has one of the sillier of names available for marijuana, though it’s origins are quite clear. Afghan is extremely popular, so this sugary version will turn a stressful day into a sweet adventure in the world of relaxation.

9. Hog’s breath

Named after the pungent odor that emanates from the bud, the strain has a strong smell that may dissuade some from trying it. In spite of the smell, however, Hog’s Breath produces a delightful stone, featuring a powerful uplifting body high that carries no fatigue.

8. Puss Kush

This one was named after the fan-favorite cat character, Puss in Boots, from the Shrek movies. This particular strain is perfect for kicking off your shoes and relaxing on the sofa after a work day.

7. Zombie Killer OG

The Walking Dead may have come to an end recently, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the first four seasons on Netflix. Zombie Killer OG will be the perfect companion to those late night undead-fests. Smoking this strain will probably not improve your ability to kill the undead in real-life, but it will probably help a lot in any video games where that’s a requirement.

6. Golden Goat

Golden Goat, along with having a hilarious name, is also a hybrid mixture of both sour and sweet. It was said to have been named for the smell of recycled soda cans rotting in the heat, which sounds horrid, but probably has a pleasant aroma after a long work day.

5. Donkey Dick

Donkey Dick is a big fat single cola bud plant. This tubular plant has earned the name Donkey Dick for it’s characteristic large and thick structure. Hence the name.

4. Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien

Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien is a cross between a Tiger’s Milk and Starfighter cannabis strains. Indica dominant, and with a strong effect. Users describe Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien as relaxing, euphoric, bordering psychedelia. This ‘far out’ indica is famed for it’s high THC content, confirmed over 21%. Would you rather face a hidden dragon or a hidden alien? These are the types of questions you’ll be able to answer with this strain.

3. Schnazzleberry

It’s unclear exactly where the name for this one came from, though many believe it was a bit of an homage Willy Wonka’s snozzberries. This particular strain is said to be very useful when it comes to vaping, making hash, or just relaxing on your couch.

2. Cat Piss

You hear stories about fellas who use their own fresh urine as a pot fertilizer, but real deal Cat Piss has nothing do with that – or cat piss. At least you hope anyways…

1. Alaskan Thunderfuck

I mean, this is just a great name. This particular strain easily has one of the greatest names in the history of Mary Jane. Alaskan Thunderf*ck hails from Alaska, of course, and features a fruity taste that leaves most users salivating for more. It will hit you strong, but leave you happy.

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