Georgetown To Approve First Marijuana Microbrewery on East Coast – Let it flow

In just a few months, Georgetown will be home to the East Coast’s first legal cannabis microbrewery.

The Georgetown Board of Selectmen approved a host agreement with Cultivana, LLC – parent company of TINC – recently, opening the door for the start-up to set up shop in the town’s new marijuana business zone along I-95.

The 6,000-square-foot facility will encompass an extraction lab and microbrewery to produce canned cannabis-infused beverages for recreational enjoyment.

Construction is set to begin soon and, according to company co-founder Eric Rogers, the new facility should be open and running by spring.

“Georgetown has been a fantastic partner. They’ve been great to work with. The Board of Selectmen have been extremely supportive in helping us realize our vision for this company,” Rogers said.

TINC’s host agreement with the town is for five years (maximum allowed under state statute). The company will give the town 2.25 percent of gross sales annually, below the typical 3 percent seen in other communities with cannabis businesses.

“I’d have to double-check it, but I think it [the 2.25 percent agreement] is the lowest in the state right now,” Rogers said.

TINC will not be selling directly, so you won’t be able to go there and buy a four-pack of cannabis seltzer. The company will sell to cannabis shops, however, and those are opening intermittently across the state.

“We’re only a manufacturer, so we’ll be just producing and creating the process on-site, and only licensed dispensaries would be our customers,” Rogers said.

So what is TINC about?

In short – liquid cannabis production. You’ve heard of smoking cannabis, and eating it in cookies, gummies, etc., but how about drinking it?

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Tincture is a medicine or simply a plant or animal product, dissolved, extracted or infused into liquid, commonly alcohol (but other liquids can be used, and TINC will have alcohol-free drinks). Tincture works like an edible. It enters the bloodstream through the roof of the mouth and the digestive tract.

The beverages themselves won’t be infused with a tincture, but pure CO2 oil that the company will extract on site.

“Beverages have sort of a faster onset of effects and a shorter duration of effects compared to edibles, so it’s a different experience as well,” Rogers said.

Beverages will contain 5 milligrams of THC, making them pretty mild for most consumers.

“We’re trying to make it very approachable for consumers, both new and experienced, so that you can have one and it’s not going to take up your whole day,” Rogers laughed. “It would be more akin to having one beer or a cocktail, compared to the potential risks that come with edibles, where everybody who’s tried edibles has a story of taking too much.”

“As a company, we’re focused on creating beverages that are rooted in simple, all-natural ingredients with no added sugar,” Rogers said. “So we’re trying to create drinks that promote a healthy, active lifestyle.And the TINC philosophy ties into a long-tested theme – Consuming beverages brings people together.

“We view beverages as being innately social, right? As adults, we gather for coffee in the morning or beverages at night,” Rogers explained. “So we’re looking to absolutely lean in on the sociability aspect of it.”


There’s another benefit to consuming liquid cannabis instead of smoking it – Neighbors don’t smell tincture. There’s been an issue with landlords forbidding smoking cannabis in apartments, but unlike cigarettes, you’re not supposed to smoke cannabis outdoors in public. So drinking it fixes that problem.

“You can just have it in your refrigerator, and it’s not intrusive to your neighbors. It’s something that you can have in a very discrete, personal setting as well,” Rogers said.

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