Good Marijuana & Bad Marijuana – How To Spot The Difference Before You Smoke It

Cannabis legalization is rapidly picking up speed. As a result, there’s a growing number of outlets where you can buy cannabis safely. These outlets are known as “dispensaries” in the US. You can buy cannabis legally in social clubs in Spain and coffeeshops in Holland. Continue reading to learn more about Good Weed VS Bad Weed.

In many of these outlets, customers can’t sample the product before buying. This makes determining the quality and effects difficult. In the US, there are various requirements for testing cannabis before sale. These give buyers an idea of the cannabinoid levels found in the flower. They can also indicate residual pesticides, bacteria or mold. But all the modern tests in the world can’t guarantee absolute quality.

Decent outlets will let buyers at least view, smell and even touch the product. So, if you can’t try before you buy, how can you tell Good Weed VS Bad Weed by sight, scent and touch?

Identifying Good Weed By Sight

This is pretty easy. Good quality cannabis, grown and dried in proper conditions, should have:

  • noticeable trichomes (the sparkly crystals that form on cannabis flowers and leaves)
  • consistent appearance
  • well-formed buds sprinkled with orange or pinkish hairs
  • Look out for brownish or yellowish flowers. These could indicate that the cannabis is old or has been dried or stored in poor conditions.

If the cannabis still has some leaves around the flower, look for spotty, crispy areas. These might indicate various nutrient-related problems. Or it might show the presence of mildew.

Another important thing to look for are signs of botrytis, aspergillus or other forms of mold. You should avoid smoking mold wherever possible. It can lead to some pretty nasty lung conditions. Look out for furry, fuzzy whitish stuff on the leaves and buds.

To the untrained eye, this fuzzy substance can look like crystals. You may want to use a magnifying glass or loupe if you have any doubts. Mold will look like a fuzzy, clumpy mass. Whereas trichomes will be well-defined and obvious, as in the picture below:

Tell Good Pot From Bad By Smell

Good quality cannabis will have a distinct, herbal aroma. A good strain will contain a rich concentration of aroma compounds. It shouldn’t smell musty or stale. This indicates poor storage, or possibly the presence of mold.

Terpenes & terpenoids are the most important compounds responsible for cannabis aromas. There are hundreds of different types in cannabis. Combinations of different terpenes and terpenoids give different strains their distinct flavours and aromas. Terpenes are very volatile. They evaporate quickly if cannabis is stored badly or for too long.

So, if your cannabis is good-quality, well-cured and properly stored, it’ll have a fruity, flowery, spicy or herbal aroma. If it’s been badly grown, dried or stored, it will lose those terpenes and take on a stale bland aroma.

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Identifying Good Cannabis By Feel

If you have clean oil-free hands, your dispensary may let you touch the cannabis before you buy. This is very rare, and for good reason. You could leave dirt or grease all over the flowers that you handle. Then, if you don’t buy it, some other poor customer may end up with it! Kind of like trying on underwear and then not buying it. Sometimes there’s a good reason for the rules!

If you can touch before you buy, you’ve a great opportunity to tell good weed from bad. Good bud should be firm to the touch, dry but not too dry, and slightly sticky. If you can squeeze the bud a little, you can really judge its firmness. It will also help you assess its stickiness. If your fingers feel sticky or tacky afterwards, there’s resin in there!

Another thing you can determine by touch is the presence of mold. Mold often isn’t obvious from the outside of the bud. It requires moist, warm and dark conditions to really thrive. For this reason, it attacks the inside of the bud. It can start during the grow, or establish itself during the drying stage. Either way, it can take hold quickly and completely ruin your cannabis.

The best way to check is to open the bud and look. Once you’ve seen it a few times, you’ll never miss the tell-tale puffs of fuzziness.

These are only a few of the ways how to tell good weed from bad without consuming it. Do you have a good tip? Let us know in the comments!

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