Hand Me Some “Square Dancing Tickets” – The DEA Updated Its Cannabis Slang List

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) just updated its list of “Drug Slang Code Words” last year, an important source for its officers.

It is designed as a ready reference for law enforcement personnel who are confronted with hundreds of slang terms and code words used to identify a wide variety of controlled substances, designer drugs, synthetic compounds, measurements, locations, weapons, and other miscellaneous terms relevant to the drug trade,

Quote from DEA web site

A few of the terms, like “terpenes” and “MMJ” (short for medical marijuana), are not actually slang terms. Other names on the list, like “shoe,” appear to be completely made up. Worse, “Devil’s Lettuce” is italicized in the report, revealing that the relatively old term was only added in this year.


Meanwhile, “blunts,” “good,” and “gas” were apparently not important enough to make the cut. Either that or no one at the DEA listens to Post Malone.

Although every effort was made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information presented, due to the dynamics of the ever-changing drug scene, subsequent additions, deletions, and corrections are inevitable,”

Quote from DEA Web page

They completely ignore the fact that the list is totaly out of date and inacurate. Who uses words like Pink Panther or shoes in casual weed conwersation?

Anyway way, here is the complete list of current cannabis slang, as collected by the hipsters at the DEA

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