Hash Plant Weed Strain

THC 18%

CBD 0.2%

Love hash? You’ll love Hash Plant. This Sensi Seeds creation is 90% indica, providing a substantial body high and a significant amount of sleepy pain relief. The THC content in this strain runs around 18% on average.
As the name might suggest, Hash Plant is an excellent strain for hash lovers. Known for producing ample amounts of kief, resin from this strain is insanely sticky. Trimmers typically get plenty of glove hash from this crystal-coated bud. A near pure indica, Hash Plant is a Sensi Seeds cross between Afghani and Northern Lights.

Afghani is the true original hash plant. A landrace strain, Afghani cannabis plants have been traditionally used to make hash for centuries. The new Hash Plant is a contemporary version that is a bit more stable to grow.

Inheriting the best from both indica parents, consumers will be amazed by the waves of relaxation that pass through the body with each spicy taste. The high from Hash Plant is predominantly physical. With no significant sativa lineage, Hash Plant provides a powerful body-numbing experience that is excellent for pain.

Many medical consumers rely on this strain for insomnia relief. With good reason, too. Hash Plant will make your eyelids heavy and you’ll likely let out a yawn or two. Those who need some relief from mental strife caused by anxiety or depression tend to have positive experiences with Hash Plant.


  • Drowsiness
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Hunger
  • Relaxation
  • Tingly
  • Uplifting


  • Earthy
  • Spicy/Herbal
  • Sweet
  • Woody

Average Yield

  • Moderate to high: 400 g/m2 indoors

Average Height

  • Medium: 3 to 4 feet

Grow Difficulty

  • Easy


  • Caryophyllene – Pepper
  • Humulene – Hops
  • Myrcene – Musk, mango
  • Pinene – Pine

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